A Day At Wimbledon

Friday last week, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Wimbledon. It’s basically everything I love about my country, and it was so amazing to see it happen in real life rather than just on the TV.

Our day started wayyy to early, as we had a two hour drive down to London. As you can see, the weather wasn’t looking … well, good. It was raining. Quite a bit. It was actually forecast to rain all day, but if you’ve ever been to Wimbledon, you’ll know how expensive the tickets are, so we weren’t going to let some rain stop us.


Once we’d arrived it was still chucking it down with rain, so we sat on Henman Hill/Murray Mound and watched a few matches from the day before. Unfortunately, as the grass was so wet with rain, everyone was struggling to stop sliding down the hill so things were a bit  … uncomfortable. And awkward.


I did however make a new best friend with an American guy that came and sat next to me. The poor thing had been queuing since 6 in the morning to try to get tickets, and had eventually got a grounds pass, meaning he could wander around the grounds and smaller courts but not the big ones. I felt a bit mean telling him I’d got tickets to Court 1, but he seemed pretty happy. My dad meanwhile had to sit on his own while I ignored him for the couple of hours I was chatting with my bestie.


Eventually, the rain did stop, so we headed over to our seats in Court 1 to watch Ferrer vs. Bautistaagut



In case you’re interested, the first guy here is Bautistaagut and the second is Ferrer.



Who knew that umpires have phones installed in their chairs? He wasn’t just phoning home though, the hawk-eye broke.


This picture is amazing. My dad decided to take a nap in between points and I took a picture of him. Unfortunately, the guys sitting next to him thought I was taking a photo of them. I don’t think they pulled those faces on purpose, they were just surprised, then started asking why I’d taken pictures of them. I tried explaining, but they were foreign and I don’t think they understood what I was saying but they eventually calmed down and went back to taking selfies every 10 seconds. DSCN3073




We went and had a look at the massive posters under Center Court of the previous winners of Wimbledon. Here’s who won the year I was born, which strangely had the winners of the year my brother was born next to it, and the year our other brother was born next to that! (And no, we weren’t all born in the space of three years)





By this point of course, it had started to rain again, so the covers went over the court. Seen as it was so crowded on Henman Hill, we went back to our seats on the court anyway, and watched Murray’s match on the scoreboards.


We also took advantage of my camera’s zoom to spy on people sitting on the other side of the court. This is my personal favourite.


After a few hours, the rain stopped again and the covers were taken off. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them do this, but it’s bloody hilarious.


We then watched the first two sets of the match between these two people – WHO LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!






And there ended a lovely day at Wimbledon, with Murray winning over on Center, a service station dinner, and getting stuck in traffic for so long that the people on this bus just jumped off and walked.






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