Wimbledon Weirdness

ANDY MURRAY WON THE TENNIS! Now all us English people have to find something new to moan about …

Anyway, if you’ve read my post from last week about my trip to Wimbledon, you’ll know what I’m going on about. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you do, or this isn’t going to make a lot of sense. You can catch up by clicking here.

So that post covered the nice parts of Wimbledon: the tennis; the rain and my new American best friend. But I didn’t mention the several other incidents that made the day slightly … weird.

The day actually started with an attack of the car parks. People who live near Wimbledon make the best of the situation and hire out their drives for the day to make some money out of it. But there’s two kinds of people.

The people who make a little sign and calmly stand by it, occasionally smiling or waving at a passing car. Then there’s the people who are so into it, they’ll run after your car, screaming prices at you, or just step into the road, forcing the cars to make the only turn they can, onto the overly priced drive. One poor woman was only on the way to the shops, but ended up turning into someone else’s drive.


The second strange incident happened while we were settling into our seats in Court 1 and realised just how posh the two people sitting behind us were. I’m guessing that they were Auntie and nephew from the guy’s comment that ‘Mother has gone away to the cottage for the weekend with Ellis. The dog Ellis.”  My favourite comment was when I heard them chatting about the tennis players heard the woman say “They just throw their towels on the chairs. They’re just slobs really.”

I mentioned the weird foreign guys sitting next to me in the previous post, but what I didn’t say was the fact that they were taking selfies every five seconds. Mainly because they missed their faces every time. They eventually asked my dad to take one, sat for 5 minutes, then started again. P.s. if you don’t understand this photo then you haven’t read the other post have you? Told you so.


The next two incidents were more annoying than weird. The first being that if a tennis player was walking across the grounds there’d be 3 or 4 security guys clearing a path for them. Isn’t agility one of the main talents you need to be a tennis player? Surely moving a massive crowd of people to the left is much more work than one person not walking in a completely straight line?

Secondly clappers. A lot of clapping goes on at Wimbledon, and I’m fine with that, but what Wimbledon doesn’t need it someone who randomly claps when everyone else is being quite. Seriously, shut up.


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