That Door We Can Never Forget

Last night, I spent 3 hours staring at a door. This door to be exact.



Waiting for the adorable little baby to come out and show the world his little face, which of course, was worth the waiting but still. I did spend an entire evening watching a door. Though of course, the BBC keep it interesting with four different angles of the door. Just when you thought you’d got bored of staring at it straight on, you switch to watching it from a perspective slightly to the left.

And of course the commentators. I personally think they deserve some form of reward. Hours of commentating on a subject that you have 5 pieces of information on is not a job I would envy. And of course, once they stopped talking you began to realise how sad you really are, sitting watching a door. There were several times when I thought I would just get up and maybe put the dinner in the oven, but then the door would twitch slightly and I’d stop kidding myself that I was going to move.

My favourite part – barr the baby actually coming out of course – was the interview they did with a commentator who clearly hates the monarchy. What a better why to spend the waiting hours than listening to a grumpy woman go on about how this baby is ‘nothing special’ and how ‘millions of women have babies every day and they just get on with it.’ Charmer.

Eventually though, it was announced that they would come out in 5 minutes, and 15 minutes after that time had passed, they did come out onto the steps in coordinated colours. And then Prince William drove them away; my mum and I couldn’t control ourselves because it was so cute that he did that; and we all went back to our normal lives. Though I couldn’t help turning the news on this morning. You know, just in case.




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