100 Followers Celebrations – Cruelty Style

We’ve reached 100 followers! Yay! Though we’re slightly suspicious of some of you, we still appreciate every single one of you and ask you to never ever leave us. Please.

Anyway, in celebration of this exciting event, we decided to do a special post. Then we sat there and brainstormed. And couldn’t think of anything. In the end, we came up with the (not so) awesome idea of playing an extended round of the ‘Please Text Me Back’ game. Yes that is an official title.

In case you wanted to bring this special little game into your own lives, here’s how it goes down. Katie and I invented this game just over  a year ago, when I had texted our friend Liza with a message that needed to be replied to pretty urgently. And she didn’t reply. We assumed this was because her phone was off so as punishment we decided to send her a lot words in separate messages so that when she turned her phone on it would be chaotic and hopefully cause her phone to spaz out. Sounds cruel doesn’t it? It is. But that’s just how our friendship works.

That first time we sent her about 50 texts and it took two hours for her phone to receive them all. This time, we sent 100. One each for all our lovely followers. She did not enjoy it.


The words don’t have to be anything specific, just the first ones that come into your head. It can bring up some interesting questions about your mental state when you read them back …


By about 70, my phone was also struggling, and I did have to turn it off for half an hour afterwards because it just couldn’t cope. Poor thing.


Aww bless her. But if you’re sat there thinking ‘oh that’s really mean, she doesn’t deserve that’, here’s a little story for you. When we were in Primary School, the only thing that would cheer her up when she was having a bad day was me walking into a closed door. And I would do it for her just to make her happy. Only I found out years later that she was never actually sad, she just wanted to watch me hurt myself. Now you tell me she doesn’t deserve it.

So thank you once again to everyone who has followed us and/or may do in the future. And to Liza, for never getting too angry when we play the Text Me Back Please game.

Hannah & Katie

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