Positive Thinking

I found a picture a while ago that I absolutely love – not only because it’s adorable but the sentiment is something that I think we can all learn from and take into our everyday lives. Quote

“Everyday may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”

It may sound a bit clichéd but if you really think about it, it makes sense. If we all try to find at least one thing that’s good in every day, we’ll all be able to think much more positively in general. Since discovering this quote, I’ve been purposely finding things, even in the worst days, that make it better or make me thankful for the day. It has definitely helped me through many a day where I’ve had bad lessons, or forgotten my homework or I’m walking home in the rain with no exciting prospects for when I get there. I’m sure you know the type I mean – we’ve all had them. I remember one day specifically where everything seemed to be going wrong (and I won’t bore you with the details) but then I realised how ridiculous and melodramatic I was being when I thought about this quote and was able to see all the good things that had happened in spite of the bad things. It’s like those news stories at the end of the program that show you no matter how many awful things are happening in the world, there is always those little things that make it all seem not so bad. We all need those happinesses amongst the difficulties of everyday life that help to brighten up our days – no matter how small or insignificant they seem at the time.

So next time you’re having ‘one of those days’ try to remember this quote and find something that you’re grateful for and makes you happier, because without the bad days, we can’t appreciate the good ones  quite so much.



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