Stop Buying Clothes

I’ve discovered something amazing. The best way to save money on clothes.

Stop buying clothes.

Unfortunately, I’m physically unable to do that, but I thought I’d share that tip anyway.


In other news, I had an awful realisation. It happened on the way home from work yesterday, as my dad was driving off a motorway junction a little too fast, and got way to close to the car in front. And then it happened. I heard the words come out of my mouth:


I have become my mother. It has happened.

I knew this day was coming but I never thought it would be this soon. I’M STILL A TEENAGER!


Anyway, aside from being my mother, you may be wondering how these pictures have anything to do with this post. They’re because I’m having really bad holiday jealousy. I’m not going anywhere this year, but it seems everyone else in the world is so I’m reminiscing over last years trip.But if you’ve got any blog posts on your holiday photos please do share. I need something to pine over.


(P.S. If you’re looking for other people’s holiday photos, check out ZI’s post. Best photography you’ll find.)


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