Alan Partridge – The Film

Yes, they actually made a film out of it. I actually paid to see it. And I think I actually might have enjoyed.

Firstly, you should probably take a second to watch the trailer, so here it is:

In case some of you are trés confused right now, this has come from a BBC sketch show about a radio DJ who’s frankly, a bit of a weirdo.

In the film, he becomes the in-between man in a hostage situation at his radio station, which, if we’re being realistic, is the worst hostage situation I’ve ever seen. There’s one man with a gun against 10 or 15 hostages who could easily take him down. But we’ll allow them some artistic license.

If I’m giving an honest review, then I’d probably say, only go and see it if you’re a fan of Alan Partridge as the TV show. Obviously, if you hate the TV show then you’re going to hate the film, but if you don’t watch the TV show at all, it may seem a little dull. I went with my brother because he really loves the TV show and needed someone to go with him. I wasn’t really bothered about it but just assumed that it would be quite funny. And don’t get me wrong, there are a lot funny moments, just also a lot of seriously-nothing-has-actually-happened-in-the-past-half-an-hour moments.

There’s definitely a lot more jokes than … action.

But I guess there’s no other film where a guy has a masking tape hat on for the majority. (But can I just say, when it’s removed, his hair isn’t harmed at all. What’s that all about?!)



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