The Dead Pigeon Society

Who got their results yesterday? I very much enjoyed the feeling of not having done any exams to an extreme. I just spent the day sitting in the office secretly hoping that all of my friends would get terrible results and have to re do the year with me in September. Is that bad? Either way, my wish came true and now I won’t be alone! WOOP WOOP! Of course, I was very upset for them on the phone, but it was all lies, I’m so happy!

Anyway, the pigeon thing. Whilst we were all sitting around the office, secretly hoping for failure and having great fun in the world of pensions, a pigeon became suicidal and flew right into the window. So hard in fact, people from the department next door thought it a bookcase had fallen over, and it left a splattering of a clear-ish liquid that I’m not sure we wanted to know the origins of.

You can tell something’s a big deal in this office, when a conversation about a tea run is completely forgotten and changed to whether pigeons might wee themselves when hitting a window at high-speed.

Then next ten minutes were spent watching it hobble slightly down the road, then lie dying while another pigeon came along to finish it off. Discussion then turned to if any one had the courage to go down and let it out of its misery, combined with what great timing it was that our boss chose this week to go on holiday, so she wasn’t there to make us all get back to work.

If you’re feeling sorry for the pigeon right now, you’ll be happy to know that our department’s pub quiz team was shortly named ‘The Dead Pigeon Society’ in his memory. Tis’ beautiful.

P.S. Once again, I have made the cruel mistake of finding a picture from a pest control website. Why does this keep happening?



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