The Wedding Video – Favourite Quotes

So I went to see my grandad today. If I’m cake-girl, he is most definitely video-guy. Sometimes its as if he has a video camera permanently attached to his hand. He films everything, from weddings to birthdays to sitting in the living-room with my grandma discussing the disadvantages of window cleaners. That one’s a good un’.

And he likes to watch them back too.  I remember visiting my grandparents on a Christian holiday camp they went on, where my Dad preached, my grandad filmed the whole thing, and as soon as we got back to the caravan, I was forced to watch the entire thing back.

So of course, when we dropped in on him on the way home from work, out came the partially edited wedding video. I managed to get away with only watching about half an hour of it, but I still came away with, not one, but four DVD copies of the still unfinished first half.

We’ve been watching it as tonight’s entertainment. My Grandad isn’t the master of filming. Everything seems to be slightly leaning to the right and focus isn’t his forté, but the best parts are the things he can be overheard saying, Here’s a few examples:

  • “Here’s the groom, ready for his big day”
    The first shot of the groom, before his wedding. Unfortunately, the camera was actually on my other brother, who, let’s be honest, has a very vague resemblance to our eldest sibling.
  • I think this interview is about soap”
    Is said as the registrar is asking the bride the legal questions before we headed down the aisle. There’s no explanation given on this, just an extreme close-up on her face.
  • “Did you pay her enough money to come here today?”
    This was said to my Dad as Esther completed her registrar interview. Unfortunately, the registrar was standing right behind them, and my Dad then had to explain how that was very inappropriate seen as the registrar was currently checking that this wasn’t an arranged marriage.

There’s just a few. I’m sure they’ll be more to come soon, as well as some photos. Until then, just enjoy this one. Can you even tell which one’s me?




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