Moseley Old Hall

To celebrate my one (almost) whole week off work before going back to college, I convinced my parents we should have a day out. So of course, they took me to a National Trust. They do love their old houses.

We actually started the day off in Ikea. There’s nothing better than going to Ikea purely to have breakfast. What’s more sad was that my mum and I had been for breakfast there the previous Saturday too.

This is my dad’s I’m-so-excited-we’ve-just-been-in-Ikea face:


And my mama’s:

And finally, a we’re-now-really-excited-to-go-to-a-national-trust-property face:
DSCN4023DSCN4033DSCN4039DSCN4040DSCN4062DSCN4052Moseley Old Hall is well-known for being the hiding place of King Charles II while he has on the run after being defeated at the battle of Worcester in 1651. Hidden down a priest hole, he wasn’t discovered by searching soldiers and was able to be smuggled to the coast dressed as a servant. Also, Moseley Old Hall is not in Moseley. It’s by Wolverhampton but that was never explained.
After wandering round the gardens we were given a tour of the house by a woman dressed as a maid. I think that was for atmosphere but a little weird as everyone else working there were in normal modern clothes. Maybe she just likes to dress up?DSCN4086The leaflet we were given said that Moseley Old Hall has ‘the best scones in the world’. So we went to try it out in the tea room afterwards, and can report that this is a lie. They’ve just put silly ingredients in them like poppy and ginger to make them all fancy.

DSCN4095 DSCN4099DSCN4106 DSCN4114
I think this was a what-did-we-think-of-the-scones face picture, though it could have just been that my mum kept asking me to make a nicer face.DSCN4115DSCN4120
To finish off the excitement of the day we went to visit my grandparents. In true stereotypical fashion the women sat in the kitchen and talked about washing, and the men sat in the living room, … not talking. Thankfully I’d had the sense to bring a book, but my poor dad had to try and make conversation with his father-in-law, mainly about quiz shows, with a lot of very long pauses. 



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