My Apparent John Green Obsession

As many of you probably also experience, summer is the best time to get lots of books read without pretty much any interruptions. Whether it’s sitting on a plane going on holiday, sunbathing on the beach batting away sand or just at home in the long hours of the days where all of your friends are on holiday – I find that I can read three times as many books in 6 weeks as I can throughout the rest of the year. Although an enthusiastic reader when I get into a good book, I am not a very fast one so reading 4 books over the holidays is a major achievement for me.

Book 1

Uglies Now if you’ve read a post I wrote back in April, you’ll know I’ve been trying to finish this book for a very long time. However, finally, whilst in Devon I triumphantly read the last page and congratulated myself for finishing a 450 page children’s book after over 6 months ( I told you I was slow). Honestly, it’s a good book and the time it took me to read it is no actual reflection on the quality of the book – it just kept getting interrupted by school work. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who enjoys books like The Hunger Games and there are several in the series so you can read more if you enjoy it.

Book 2
The Fault in Our Stars
This another book I wrote about all the way back in April. Even then I thought I was going to cry at this book and wow was I right. It’s an absolutely brilliant book and I don’t see how anyone would not find it emotional to read. It is one of the best books I have ever read, and if that doesn’t tempt you enough there is also a film being made of it currently so if you’re not the reading type then you can always go to see that. However, even being a non reading type of girl, I read this in about 6 hours which, compared to 6 months, I found pretty impressive.

Book 3

An Abundunce of Katherine I began to read this on the way to my second holiday of the summer (which you will be hearing about very soon) and really got into it. I felt almost obligated to read this as a fellow Katherine to know what it was all about. Although if you read a lot of reviews online, many people say this isn’t one of John Green’s best books, I completely disagree. I think since The Fault in Our Stars has become such a cult book (if that’s a thing) quite a few of his early books are being overlooked slightly. As I would with any of his books, I would recommend this to everyone. It’s still very much written like TFIOS, which I feel is one of the main attractions to this authour.

Book 4

Paper Towns Now you may be detecting a pattern here. I may or may not have developed an obsession for John Green books. Since reading these I have also bought every other book he has written. I don’t think that’s obsessive as much as….ah who am I kidding I love him. This book proved to me just how much as it was written absolutely beautifully. Not only is the story intriguing and makes you want to devour it in one sitting, it really makes you think – without trying to be intellectual and being very hard to understand. Overall, I would say this is my favourite of the books I’ve read this summer and if you have not yet jumped on the bandwagon I urge you to leap on immediately because you will not be sorry.

If you know nothing about John Green you can check out his YouTube channel that him and his brother Hank post on because they are honestly brilliant.



4 thoughts on “My Apparent John Green Obsession

  1. hi katie,
    i have actually read paper towns over the summer as well. definitely a great read, especially since i couldn’t put it down! I have been on the lookout for the fault in our stars, as well as any of his other books, but my public library never has them available. i have to find a way to get a hold of them! hope you’re having a great day 🙂

    • I definitely couldn’t put it down, its so good!
      Everyone seems to be reading it at the moment so that’s probably why! But I definitely advise you to keep searching. Have you read any other good books recently? 🙂

      • one of my favorites, that i’ve read so far would have been The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. i’ve also read Divergent, which was pretty good, and Saving Wishes, which was ok. I want to get my hands on The Night Circus, The Cuckoo’s Calling, and If I Stay. Do you have any all time favorites you recommend? 🙂

      • Wow sorry I’ve only just seen this comment!
        But yeah I’ve got Divergent but haven’t read it yet. I’ve not read any of those but they all sound brilliant so I might give them a try.
        One of my favourites is by Eva Ibbotson? I love all of her books really but A Company of Swans & A Song for Summer are great. 🙂

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