Happy Monday? Is that even a thing?

Ugh, Monday. Despite the horribleness (yes that is a word) here’s a few positive things about today:

  1. I saw Katie. And she didn’t even make me say that.
  2. I skived off first lesson with a valid excuse.
  3. I got to move a staple from the wrong side of a sheet to the right side.
  4. Lived life on the edge and decided to do Art A-Level. Ooh rebel.
  5. Got an offer for selling my first ever painting.
  6. Laughed at the fact that that painting involves my best friend topless.
  7. Glimpsed the new hot science teacher.
  8. Successfully avoided the old not so hot science teacher.
  9. Scared a Year 7 out of my way with just a glance.
  10. Beat a 7-year-old at Connect Four. There’s no shame in laughing in children’s faces.

Eww, Mondays. At least there’s only four more days until the weekend.




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