“You Call It Lazy, I Call It Selective Participation”

I’ll be honest here, I’m procrastinating. Like a lot. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m desperately trying not to work. Problem is, I’m home alone so  I don’t even need to pretend to work. The other problem is that I actually really do need to do some work. Katie and I went into the city center yesterday so nothing got done then, and somehow, the list of things I need to do has lengthened over the weekend. And yet, here I am, writing a blog post instead of doing something productive. IT’S JUST SO DULL!

It makes me sad that I’m so lazy.

My friends can back me up on that. They’ve been blackmailed many a time when I want them to get me something that I don’t want to get up for myself. I’m the sort of person who will text someone in the next room because they don’t want to shout and just lie on the floor for hours. And you know what? It kind of annoys me, and yet, I’m still to lazy to do anything about it. It just goes round in circles. But I’m going to try to break that silly little circle.

Ooh dramatic I know. It’ll be just like a film.

Who bets I’ll just spend the next three hours on Pinterest?



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