30 Days of Thankful

#1 – This blog

Last week I found this little challenge swimming around the internet (metaphorically of course) and decided that this would be a good way to improve Mondays, by looking at the slightly more positive side. And of course, being the slow movers that we are on this blog, yes we are starting late and yes we will finish late, because that is the story of my life.

Number 1 is this blog. I started this almost a year ago, purely for something to do, and now it’s turning into something that both Katie and I absolutely love doing. We were talking about this the other day, mainly about how we now see every situation as a blogging situation. When I told Katie I was away in Torquay the other day, the first thing she said to me wasn’t ‘have a nice time’ or ‘what’s it like?’, it was ‘make sure you take loads of pretty pictures’. This blog has become a huge part of our lives without us really realising it, and yes that’s pretty cliché but that just means that lots of other people feel the same way.
So if people actually read this or not, I’m thankful for this little space of  creativity, and also incredibly thankful that it’s been almost a year and still none of our friends have managed to find it …



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