Why Is It Even Called Fall?

Autumn (or Fall, though really why is it called that – is because the leaves are falling? By that logic surely you should call Spring: Grow because the leaves are growing? Just a suggestion) is by far my favourite season. Not only is my birthday right in the middle of it, but it’s just starting to get colder and Christmas is just around the corner.
I also love it because of the beautiful autumnal landscapes and golden leaves on the trees.
I visited the National Arboretum today and took some photos of the changing leaves before they all fell for the winter (okay I guess the Fall thing makes sense):

CSC_1689 DSC_1666 DSC_1693 DSC_1738 DSC_1745 DSC_1756 DSC_1759 DSC_1762 DSC_1785 DSC_1791



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