Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 6, Episode 5

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIIIII



Louise and Spencer go on a conversation date with Louise’s MASSIVE coat. He tells her he’s broken up with whatever-his-girlfriends-name-is. Want a big surprise? He cheated on her. He’s not bothered, but Lou-Lou is and does a classic dramatic huff and stalks out.

Spencer is having a men’s dinner with a nice selection of people he doesn’t like, in some weird sort of dungeon. Stevie texts Tiffany a really awkwardly cringy text asking when ‘they’re next going to make music together’.

Lucy and Louise are friends now?! They have a whole conversation that’s actually friendly. WHAT?

Thankfully, e4 gives us a brilliant argument in the form of Jamie and Spencer about the whole Phoebe-Lucy situation. I’m not sure who wins or whose side everyone else is on. Instead they agree to not fuck each other’s ex’s, but I bet you as much money as I possibly have that that promise will be broken. Spencer then tells Andy that he thinks that Louise still has feelings for him, and has done for the entirety of Andy and Louise’s relationship. Cue extremely long, extremely intense awkward silence. Annndddd break for some adverts.

Jamie confronts Phoebe about her secret boyfriend, and she tries to deny it by simply not saying anything, then making out that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Lucy and Louise meet up with Spencer’s ex girlfriend to tell her he cheated on her. Spencer then turns up and tells her that he doesn’t get what’s different about sleeping with someone else while in a relationship or sleeping with someone after breaking up with them.

Tiffany and Stevie are on a cocktail making date. She suggests a baby making date next.

This week’s end of season party is at some sort of posh garden center. Some random guy called Sam tells Spencer that Andy has texted Louise telling her he still loves her. NO ANDY! Stevie on the other hand gets turned down by Tiffany despite the fact that he’s the most adorable person ever. Back to Andy, turns out he was drunk when he texted that, but when he tells her that Spencer thinks she still has feelings for him, she doesn’t deny it. Ooh dramatic.

So what have we learned this week? 1) It’s okay to go and practice boxing in the middle of a pavement; 2) No one in Chelsea is physically able to stay faithful; 3) Spencer’s a dick, but we kind of knew that already



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