Oh Hey

Oh hey!

Turns out I’ve missed this blog quite a lot. I was just sifting through it in the hope of finding some pretty pictures for a December challenge on instagram and it reawakened a love of sitting down and writing. Yes, most probably no one will actually read it but the process is therapeutic so it’s happening.

Well what do you need to know? Year 12 finished – it only took me two tries but I got there in the end. I had the best summer of my life so far, mainly spent camping in a field. Here I discovered my forte as both a giant Jenga queen but also as a Jenga architect – a skill that unfortunately doesn’t have much call in the current employment market.


And then I returned to the dullness of Year 13. It’s strange having all your friends go to Uni and still be stuck in 6th form, but it is much less hard work! I celebrated my 19th birthday in London at the start of November – who knows if I’ll do a post on that, I’m a lady of blogging leisure now!

All I can say is, I’m back, I want to write, but don’t expect a structure!



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