Was There Christ In My Christmas?


So Christmas has been and gone again and I hadn’t really given it a second thought. It was nice, surrounded by family and friends, laughter and happiness. But today I read a blog post (which you can read here) which struck me with the truth that the fact that I hadn’t given it a second thought, is actually quite a big thing.

You see this post talked about keeping the Christ in Christmas, and as I read I totally agreed with everything she said – Christmas has become a festival of presents, of receiving and self-gain. As a Christian myself, this is something that upsets me, until I realise that Christ wasn’t exactly the centre of my Christmas either. When I think back on the day, amongst the excitement of guests, food and presents, the only part where we recognised Christ was in a short grace said before dinner. Now that really saddens me – did I really get so consumed in getting presents that I forgot the Christ in Christmas??

Drea’s answer is a difficult one to follow. Christmas is such a big thing in modern society that it would be incredibly hard to avoid it. But maybe this is something I need to remember next year and try harder to see past. Forget about all the presents and shopping and concentrate on the real gift.

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they find Christians offensive at Christmas. They feel like the religion is being shoved down their throat when the nativity scenes get put out. Now that really shocked me because it highlighted how the festival has been commercialised to the point that people feel threatened by its true purpose. And let me just say now, if that is in anyway how Christmas makes you feel then please know it’s not our purpose. We’re celebrating, just like Diwali, just like Hanukkah, just like Easter.

And there’s another example – Easter. Overrun by bunnies and chocolate and eggs. My challenge to myself this year is not to get consumed in that, but to strip it all away to remember the real reasons behind it.



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