Z is for …

Z is for … Zuche    (meaning ‘stump of the tree’)

Yes!!! Finally finished!
I don’t think ‘stump’ is really the right way of putting it. It’s more of a stick, but it’s in my room so it counts. 
My dad actually has a matching one for some reason. They’re just really nice to play with while you’re working and things.
And done! This challenge was actually REALLY hard! But I would still recommend it, so if you do do it, leave a link in the comments so I can look at yours.
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Y is for …

Y is for … Yankee candles

We’re almost at the end!!
And Y is obviously Yankee candle because they’re amazing. My favourite is this fruit smoothie because it’s a beautiful colour (that matches my room, again) and smells amazing.
It’s not quite so pretty anymore though, after I discovered that if you drop a lit match in one IT DOES NOT GO OUT. It will keep burning and set fire to everything around it, as you can see from the black marks down the right side of the bottom picture.
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X is for …

X is for … Xenodocheionology         (bear with me on this one)

So Xenodocheionology means to have a ‘love of hotels’.
I discovered I have a love of hotels while on holiday in Turkey with a friend of mine, where we stayed in our own villa.
And … I also bought these bracelets in Turkey.
Okay, it’s a tedious link but it still counts.
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W is for …

W is for … walls

I bloody love my walls.
I sat for two whole days, painting these – BY HAND – and it was totally worth all the pain in my arms from holding rulers, and masking tape stuck up my fingernails.
AND I did it all with tester pots which makes it a bargain too!
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T is for …

T is for … tissue box

Yep, a tissue box. This is actually one of my most treasured possessions in my bedroom. Maybe that’s because I just really love tissues? Though it might have something to do with what’s inside it. And no, it’s not tissues.
This box is where I keep a large pile of letters. When I was nine, my dad got cancer and has had lots of health problems since then, so he spent a lot of time away from home at various hospitals.
A lot of the time, he was too ill to see me so we’d send each other letters via my mum and tell each other about our days and draw each other little pictures. 
I keep them all together in that tissue box. Sorry for the sob story but it’s definitely worthy of being ‘T’
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S is for …

S is for … shirt 

So as is tradition of British high schools, this is my leaver’s shirt. Basically, when you leave Year 11 everyone signs it to remember them by. I’ve hung my shirt above my desk, 1) because it goes really well with my walls; and 2) to remember all the good times I had during my school years. 
Unfortunately, the one message I usually see when I look up is “I look forward to seeing your arse next year” …. charming.
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R is for …

R is for … ‘Ribble’ easel

Another one for the artistic license here, ‘Ribble’ is just the name of the type of easel.
This was a birthday present from my lovely brother, and it’s my most prized art-ish item, and lives on a box of oil paints, putty erasers and everything else you could possibly imagine.
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Q is for …

Q is for … quill

So I couldn’t think of anything for I, but Q is easy. Who doesn’t have a quill casually strewn around their bedroom? I don’t think I’ve ever used it or if it actually works but I’m thankful that I have it because what else begins with Q? Everything has a use! 
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