Life Lessons: Keep An Eye Out For Horse Poo

Last weekend, my brother and I headed to London to visit some family friends of ours in Greenwich. After an annoyingly long train journey in the ‘quiet’ carriage (it was NOT quiet. Two strangers sitting behind us had an extremely loud two-hour conversation, where everyone in the carriage learned the girl’s entire life history. Did you know she spent a year in Ethiopia and her dad’s directed a Bollywood movie? More worryingly, she swapped Facebook details with this guy. She was 17. He was 38. Don’t do that. Sorry that was a long bracket. Maybe go and re-read the start of the sentence so the next bit makes sense.), a tube journey with two very excited Americans, a swerving bus and a short walk/run in the rain, we arrived at our friend’s house and sat gossiping over tea. They’ve just bought a new house so we were forced to run out in the rain and complete darkness to see the ‘potential’ of the house – the garden. It was dark. We saw nothing.

On the Saturday afternoon, Luke and I headed out into central London for what turned out to essentially be a really long walk. We started off with a trip to Chipotle, a Mexican fast food place that has only two shops in the UK, both of which are in London. We headed to the one on Baker Street and although Luke says that they’re not as good as the are in America, they were still pretty damn awesome.
DSCN4160 DSCN4165 DSCN4174 DSCN4180 DSCN4184 DSCN4190 DSCN4198 DSCN4200 DSCN4202 DSCN4212 DSCN4214

This guy was hilarious. We were watching the inspection of the guards and as they paraded out the last three accidentally walked straight through a massive pile of freshly laid horse poo. This poor solider had to run up and clean it off their boots. Ew. DSCN4219 DSCN4225 DSCN4234 DSCN4244 DSCN4253

Bonus points if you can spot the snail below. DSCN4259 DSCN4265 DSCN4281 DSCN4286

It wasn’t until I got home and showed my mum this picture that I realised that this originally said ‘be yourself’ and someone’s just rubbed out letters so it says ‘be our elf’. I thought they were advertising for a Christmas job … (also, by ‘I realised’ I mean ‘my mum pointed out to me’.)DSCN4296


Hidden London

The title sounds a little more cryptic than this post actually is. After a couple of months of revision and exams its nice to have some relaxation time. So my dad and I went down to London to have a nice wander around in the sunshine. Being a nice day in June in the capital the major tourist spots were obviously very crowded so we decided to explore some less visited but equally as nice areas – hence the ‘Hidden’.

Firstly we went down to St John’s Wood. I don’t know if you’ve ever been down Abbey Road, and if you’ve taken a photo of yourself on the famous zebra crossing, but its hilarious to go and watch the people doing exactly that. When we got there, there were some Italians – who I swear just kept saying Lamborghini in the middle of sentences just to sound more Italian – who were, lets say…enthusiastic, taking pictures? I’d say I spent at least 10 minutes standing there just watching and laughing at them…not in a mean way (well maybe a little) as they tried to get a picture without being run over by the busy and impatient London traffic.


He even took his shoes off…some might say dedication, I’d say insanity?


If you don’t know the significance of this particular crossing maybe this picture rings a few bells?

Abbey Road


Outside Abbey Road Studios, many visitors like to make their mark so graffiti on the white wall which has to be repainted every few weeks because there are so many notes and messages on it. Now, I’m not usually a fan of graffiti or street art unless it has a purpose or meaning but I actually quite liked some of these ones.


From here we went on to have some late breakfast in Little Venice nearby Warwick Avenue (which I did sing as we got off the Tube). Its got lots of pretty canals and lovely walks and we found a little floating cafe to stop in.

One of the nicest bacon sandwiches I've ever eaten, honestly.

One of the nicest bacon sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, honestly.

The Floating Boater in Little Venice

The Floating Boater in Little Venice

After eating our bacon sandwiches, which we were accidentally under-charged for making them even nicer, we headed to Pall Mall (the pink one on the Monopoly board) and picked up 2 hire bikes. We went to Hyde Park and cycled around there for about an hour or so. Also, word to the wise, don’t wear a floaty dress on a bike on a windy day.


Whilst in Kensington Gardens we stumbled upon the Serpentine Pavilion. Now, I’d never heard of this but apparently its an annual thing where architects design a massive pavilion where you can go and enjoy a coffee. This year it was designed by someone called Sou Fujimoto, a Japanese designer who you can read about in a bit more detail on their website if you’re interested:



It had started to get a bit cold by this point so we decided to head for some dinner at good old Pizza Hut. Pretty good day I must say!

I didn’t mention this earlier but my favourite picture of the day was taken just before we got our bikes from Pall Mall and was of a little side street which I must say looked very picturesque.

So maybe next time you’re in London, try wandering off the beaten track a bit because you’re very likely to find some hidden gems that most people don’t get to see!