German Bears and Rubber Ducks – Part 2

From one capital city to another. If you’ve read my first post about my summer holiday then you’ll know that I went to Germany for 10 days this August.

I believe we’d only got to Day 3, so this will be a (really rather long) rundown of Day 4-10.

Day 4

Nikolaiviertel, Berlin. Statue of George slaying the dragon.

Nikolaiviertel, Berlin. Statue of George slaying the dragon.

In Germany, they have this incredible shop full of hundreds of different chocolate combinations. Hence why there is a picture of me next, what I can only assume, are giant chocolate bar replicas.




Remainders of the Berlin Wall.

Day 5


At the station, before getting on a train to Munich.

After our final day of sightseeing, the next morning we headed to main station in Berlin, to catch our train to Munich. Over the course of the 6 hour train journey (which we were very nearly late for because the timetable said it left 20 minutes later than it did) I finished An Abundance of Katherines and managed to get some of my summer work from college done. After arriving in Munich, we headed straight to the hotel and out for dinner.

Day 6




On our first day in Munich we visited the famous Hofbräuhaus which is one of Munich’s oldest bear halls, founded in 1589. My mum and I obviously didn’t have one of their massive 1 litre house beers, but did get to enjoy our soft drinks in beer steins. We also got to meet some of the locals – well some of the slightly tipsy locals shall we say. A German man came to sit next to us on one of the long tables in the beer hall and introduced himself as Pete (very disappointingly un-German). He then continued to talk to us for the next half an hour, playing the game “Guess the English celebrity I’m thinking of” with my parents whilst I got intensely stuck into reading the guide-book – did you know they repainted the roof in 1972?


On to another trip to Starbucks, no name on my cup at all this time.



Day 7

We woke up to pouring rain so it was time for Science Museum number 2! No windmills this time, but there was a planetarium. So almost the same… After that we went to the German version of Pizza Hut where they put little Pizza Hut shaped chocolates on our desserts which I found amazing.


Day 8

You may have heard of Bayern Munich. Well the clue is in the name – their stadium is in Munich, so we went to visit. Not so much a fan of the football, my mum and I decided instead to take pictures of ourselves. We have no idea about this photo either.



DSC_1359We then headed back into the centre and visited Olympiaturm which is at the Olympic park built for the 1972 Olympics. As you can see we climbed to the top at 955 ft.


I was taking a photo of the Olympic Stadium and my dad thought it would be hilarious to step into the photo just as I was about to take it. This is the result of that…


We spent the majority of the day walking around the park and enjoying the beautiful weather. Also, when we had gone back into the centre for dinner I noticed these incredibly creepy mannequins. Seriously…bleughh.


Day 9

Day 9 took us on another train, to another country. After getting to the station at 9:30 we booked ourselves on a guided tour around Salzburg in Austria. There were 7 people on our tour including us – the other 4 were Americans from Chicago (I just wanted them to keep saying my name because I loved the way they called me ‘Kadie’ instead of Katie).  So we had a tour guide who directed us to our train which took roughly 2 hours to reach the centre of Salzburg.

DSC_0150 (2)

Like many other places now, this is a bridge across the river has loads of padlocks locked onto it with people’s names engraved on. Its a tradition that people will write their names on the padlock, lock it onto the bridge and throw the key away into the river below.



After our tour, the guide gave us some free time to visit anywhere we wanted before catching the train back to Munich. She had told us about a shop that sells handpainted chicken eggs. Intrigued, we went to have a look. They have literally thousands of individually, and beautifully I might add, painted eggs so we bought one as a Christmas decoration.


Day 10

Our final day of holiday was spent mopping up all the last things we wanted to see in Munich before flying back to Heathrow. I ingeniously named it ‘Moperation’ (a combination of operation and mopping up).  First stop was St. Peter’s Church tower where you can get a brilliant view of the whole city.



Admittedly, I did take this with a zoom lens but this the Münchner Kindl who is the symbol of Munich.



Lunch was much needed after our trek up to the top of the tower and around the city so we went to one of the parks that has a massive outdoor beer garden selling food as well as their famous beers. We opted for a stereo typically German meal as it was our last day.



In the gardens they also have an artificial wave maker in the river that surfing experts are allowed to use. The river has a very strong current making it perfect.


Then it was onto our last Starbucks of the holiday with a better version of my name than they’d managed to do in England on my cup.


Now to solve the mystery of the Rubber Ducks part of the title…




My week in photos #9

So the time has come to change around the format of the Sunday week in photos post. The reason being that now I have a proper grown-up job, the majority of my days are spent staring at walls of files and posters that state that “It’s a laugh a minute in Pensions”. I think that’s meant to be humourous in some way but I don’t see it.

Anyway, the new format will basically be photos of anything more exciting and not related to work.

Summer has finally arrived, and personally, I reckon everything looks better in the sun. You notice things that you wouldn’t normally notice.  I took these photos after having my breakfast sat outside, and being attacked by a variety of insects.

DSCN3243[1] DSCN3253[1] DSCN3266[1]

I also managed to collect together enough hairgrips to make this hairstyle secure enough public. It then went on a nice little trip to get some takeaway Nandos and eat it in a dark room with The Wedding Singer. I always forget how much I love that film. Also, that dark room was in a house which wasn’t mine and also didn’t belong to the two other people I was with. It was a little weird.


We also made wedding decorations at that awkward sleepover at someone else’s house. Here’s the stash so far. There’s about 20 large ones and countless other sizes and I have no idea what we’re going with them after the wedding.


Except this one. This one. The people who live in the house we were stealing have two cats. When we came down in the morning, the cats had left us a lovely present all over one. Ugh.


And by this time in two weeks, I’ll have a sister-in-law!


My Week in Photos #8

You know you’ve been busy when your Bloglovin’ feed has 164 new posts.

You may have noticed that Katie has done quite a few posts this last week, and that’s because I’ve been finding it hard to find the time to sleep, let alone put together a relatively coherent blog post for you. So in the place of yesterdays missed my week in photos post (I was going to do it, but let’s be honest, a bed is more attractive), I’ll do an extended one for you today, and probably a few other days this week …


I have no photos of Monday, and if I did they would be incredibly dull. I started a new job on Monday. I’m now the Head Clerk of the Pensions Department of Travis Perkins Lt. Yep, it’s about as exciting as it sounds. Really. A run-down of my day was filing, filing, filing, filing, fling, photocopying, filing. Woop woop.



This isn’t even from Tuesday, but do you really care? I just wanted to show him off. And he’s why more exciting than what I actually did on Tuesday, which was … go to work. This time at my other job at a charity shop. This was also the day that I just died of excitement.


This is when it actually gets interesting, with a trip down to Bristol with Bella, and some Percy Pigs.


We went to look at their Uni, which is so nice that I really want to go there now. And that’s unfortunate, because they don’t actually do my course there. But I’d be happy to go and visit Bella, especially if we get to go to the zoo every time





Who doesn’t love a good leg shot?


And a good food shot, because that burger was absolutely dank.


And finally, I had to include this train. There we were, standing at the station, waiting for our train home, when this thing started to rush past. And carried on going past … and carried on … and on … and on. Literally, 5 minutes later, it finally finished, leaving us to make dirty jokes about the large amount of wood we’d just seen



Thursday was almost relaxing. Well it would have been if I hadn’t been so shattered. The main event was going for a drink with my friend Tabatha. We managed to turn a conversation about the Bible round to the best places to hide posters of half-naked guys in your bedroom. We decided on the wardrobe if you’re interested. I don’t actually have a picture again so here’s an artistic picture from the cafe we went to:


Friday’s are always the best days. Especially this one, as I went off to Wimbledon. I’ll only show one photo from this, and do another post on it later in the week because I reckon it deserves its own post. But this was the most important part of the day:



Only four hours sleep later, I was up again to catch a train to Nottingham for my sister-in-law-to-be’s hen do. Made a new bestie on the train. We bonded over our annoyance with some loud children and I realised that my brain is aging faster than my body. Came 3rd in our blindfolded 4×4 driving which I’m just a little proud of. Now it’s only 5 weeks until I get a sister! Here she is looking very attractive in a mustache.



The perfect thing to do the day after a hen do? Go to a midday dance show with music so loud you can’t speak to the person next to you. It was worth it though. Bella from above was by far the best, and I felt like a proud mother. In other news, I almost went a whole 24 hours without chipping my nail varnish. Achievement.





My Week in Photos #7

News on next week: Katie will be taking the lead on posting so make sure you check out what she’ll be creating. Also, midweek we’ll be unveiling our big challenge for this blog, so keep an eye out for that.


DSCN2818To see my post on these nails, follow this link



After returning home after work, I spent all evening making three of these flower circles for my brother’s wedding. Three in like four hours. Only about 20 more to go … (p.s I did only put my feet in this picture for perspective, not for looks)



You know those fake hair plait hairbands everyone was really into a couple of months ago? I CAN DO THAT WITH MY OWN HAIR! And I feel like that is some sort of achievement. Also, I’ve never really looked at my hair in that much detail before – there’s so many colours!



The recipe book for my friend’s bridal shower is finally complete, and ready to be wrapped for Sunday



Another pretty water shot from our longest-day-of-the-year-walk. Being English means that every sighting of the sun is excitingly special.



In more preparations for previously mentioned friend’s bridal shower, my mama made these cheesecakes for the occasion. She is the queen of cheesecake and even made a special one for our friend Sarah who’s celiac. That’s friendship for you!



Wehey! Wedding Shower time! Here’s the veil we made the bride wear – it’s from a toy bear and wasn’t a perfect fit but still.

Well those photo’s weren’t very exciting were they? I promise next week will be better as I have a week PACKED with stuff.


My Week in Photos #6

The One Day Late edition, but did you enjoy yesterday’s Father’s Day Tag? If you haven’t read it yet, click here for mine, and here for Katie’s.



This Coke was over three years old. And it still tasted good.



Tuesday I had my hair cut. I absolutely hate having it cut. Even if there’s only been two inches off it feels incredibly short. But this time my hairdresser actually styled it properly and it looked kinda nice, so I took the chance to take a picture for my driver’s licence. I think this is the one.



Made some brownies using the ‘bridge cut method’ they taught us in cooking class for cutting the chocolate. Literally three months of that lesson was spent on the correct and safe way to use a knife.  I reckon that’s where our school’s reputation for knife crime came from.



My brother came round on Thursday and made me tea in the Justin Bieber mug he bought me last Christmas. I’m not exactly a fan of Justin – he just thought it would be funny, but he didn’t factor in the fact that on the other side of the mug is a huge picture of the guy that stares at you while you drink and is, quite frankly, terrifying.



I cut those carrots using the ‘bridge’ AND the ‘mouse’ method. Thanks food technology.



Because yay, it’s strawberry season!



My father’s day present to my dad was a card made of paper, and some duct tape. Apparently you can never have enough duct tape. (And just in case you think I’m really mean, my brothers and I had treated him to a day at the tennis the day before!)



My Week In Photos #5

So a lot of people are doing the Sprinkle of Glitter 30 day snap, but being the futuristic … urm people that we are, us here on 19th Main Street have already been doing that for 5 whole weeks. Don’t you feel special?! But you know what? If there’s a bandwagon, jump on it, because that’s where the party is. (Don’t take that literally. Don’t jump into people’s vans). So …



This is the starting point in a little project I’m doing right now. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t got much further than this – I’ve just painted a massive sheet, and got two bruises on my knees as payment.



Wooh, heart attack guys! It’s sunny. In England. There’s legs out everywhere, and I actually have tan lines! Personally, I think that’s quite an achievement, apart from the fact I wrote a massive essay last year about skin cancer, and have now ignored everything I wrote about …



As I said in my post ‘Recipe for Romance’ I’ve written down two of my families favourite recipes for my friend’s hen party present. In other news, Wednesday was the day I had a covering manager at work, who told whoever she spent all day on the phone with that she couldn’t swear, because there was a child in the room. I could have sworn at her. Especially as she was only two years older than me.



Katie and I spent Thursday having a picnic with some friends. They were celebrating the end of exams, and I was celebrating … urm my gap year? Anyway, the compulsory group photo turned more into Liza and I attempting to ruin every photo. And I must say we did very well. Also, I don’t actually have white hair, ’tis just the light.



I sent this to my friend on Snapchat, with a joke about strawberries, but now I’ve come to share it with you, I can’t remember what the hell it was. Something about the strawberry crossing the road. And of course, I can’t check what it was, because Snapchat is STUPID. So insert your own strawberry joke here.



Pretty sunsets lately



Because even when they’re dying, flowers are always pretty.

Till’ next week then …



My Week in Photos #4

Happy June people! Is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing.



Monday was family photo day. We gave my grandparents a picture-frame with a rubbishly drawn picture of the six of us, with the promise that it would soon be replaced with an actual photo. That was nearly two years ago. Mainly because my brother on the left hates having his photo taken and attempted his best to ruin every picture. We did manage to get a good one though.



One of my mum’s friends knitted her this tea-cosy for her birthday. Is that not one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? (Maybe, not. Google ‘otters holding hands’. Now that’s cute)



Just a pretty picture I guess? No idea what these flowers are, but they appear to be dead.



Shameless selfie …



We found this little bug dead in our conservatory. You wouldn’t expect it, but it was rock hard, which is both cool and absolutely disgusting.



On Saturday, my dad decided to mow the lawn, got halfway, and gave up. Okay, we have a pretty big lawn, but come on! Also, we went to see The Great Gatsby (fortunately no one I knew saw me sitting in the cinema with my dad) and if you’re indecisive about seeing it, definitely do! It’s so, so good. Though if you’re a little emotional, bring some tissues for the end …



Today after church, we all made our way over to the village green and held a free BBQ for the community. I spent all afternoon painting faces (why do children move their faces constantly?!), until someone got some cat whiskers on me. I then had to walk home with these on my face. Now I’m off to go and exercise my youth leader skills and attempt to get my youth group on a scavenger hunt. I say attempt, because last time we did it, someone came back with a dead fish they’d fished out of the canal …


My Week in Photos #3

Welcome to our 100th post on this blog! Yay!

If I had known this sometime earlier than today, I probably would have though of something exciting and different to do. But I didn’t. So ……….




Because there’s nothing better than having a whole new pile of books to read. Not that I’m doing too well. I’m still on page 4 of the first.




My mother has told me time and time again to put some kitchen roll down when I paint my nails, but do I listen? Of course not. What sort of teenager would I be if I obeyed her? I’m always right and I definitely wanted a nail varnish stain on my leggings.




On Wednesday I attempted some exciting hairdo-ness, and I kind of liked it until I started to take pictures for you guys … I can’t be the only one who thinks something looks really nice, then as soon as a camera is turned on it, it becomes really horrible. Well there’s only one thing to do in those sort of situations, and that’s make yourself a hair moustache.




Full moons are just pretty aren’t they. Tell you what else is pretty. The abilities of my zoom.




I think Katie’s post yesterday would give you a better example of what … this … is.




On Saturday I actually went to visit my grandparents on a camping holiday they’re on. But I didn’t take any pictures of lots of old people in deck chairs. Instead I took a picture of an orange next to the sky. Mainly because I wanted to show just how blue the sky was to celebrate the fact it’s actually warm in England today, but partly because I was about to eat and orange.



It’s my mama’s birthday today! I won’t tell you how old, but I’ll just tell you she has a 26-year-old son and let you guesstimate. Anyway, I got up at 7:50 (!) to create this wonderful little breakfast area for her. Okay it was almost 8, and it was only an hour before I had to get up for church anyway, but there was still a 7 on the clock and I haven’t gotten up at that time for ages! Happy Birthday Mum!



My Week in Photos #2




Heyyy, it’s a snail …….. Monday was a slow day.




Tuesday was the day that I took my best photos. It was also the day that my camera (he’s called Marcus by the way) decided to delete all my photos. Thanks Marcus. Anyway, here’s a picture of a funny looking whale instead.




Wednesday was our last day of holiday so we decided to mix things up a little. Do something completely different to what we’d done on all the other days … oh wait, that’s a lie. We went on a walk. But this time I defied my parents (never defy your parents kids), took my shoes off and ran into the sea. The reason this picture is wonky is because I wasn’t expecting just how cold the water was. I was expecting cold, come on, it’s Wales. But not quite ice-cubes-would-just-float-in-that cold.




On our way home on Thursday, we met up with my auntie and had a look around yet another National Trust property (oh my days there’s more.) In an attempt to spice things up a little, I tried on this fetching old hat. An old lady laughed at me. It was a low point.




Back at home in my sexily striped bedroom, I tried on one of my dad’s old shirts for a laugh, then decided it looked quite good … this is in fashion now right? Because he’s not getting it back.




Saturday was a slow day, just kind of waiting around for the last episode of Doctor Who and Eurovision (blog post to come tomorrow about that). I spent quite a while photographing my own eye, until it started to freak me out a little. Then I almost died in the excitement of Doctor Who and the disappointment that apparently the next series isn’t out until next year?!




Once every month at my church, we have a thing called Messy Church. You may have heard of it but basically it’s loads of activities for kids that the adults secretly do under the disguise of helping. Seen as my job is signing people in (and doing the fire register – hell yes, if there’s a fire I get to call everyone’s names like you did in school!) it’s over pretty quickly, so I can just play along with all the little ones. This is a biscuit I made today. It’s a bird’s nest because I’m all arty and creative like. It tasted rank.




My Week in Photos #1

I wasn’t planning to start this series this week as I’m kind of on holiday, but today I am SO BORED that I thought I might as well. I have nothing better to do …



On Monday I visited Snowshill Manor with my family, and after walking around the town a bit, we found this window that desperately wanted to be a unicorn. If anyone knows what the hell this pipe is doing, please do let me know … (you can read my post about Snowshill here)



Tuesday was a day mainly spent at work, but when I got home I edited all my posts for the next week for Katie to post for me while I was away. I had a few ‘technical’ problems taking photos for my nail tutorial because my camera kept falling over seconds before it took the picture …


Wednesday was mainly spent travelling. We were travelling to a part of Wales that is probably the furthest point away from Birmingham, and it took us 5 hours. 5 hours of grey, rainy sky, ending with some lovely fog. It was at this point we realised we probably hadn’t packed very appropriately, and we were going to be very cold …



On Thursday, something very exciting happened … I lost my Cluedo virginity! I don’t even know how I’ve managed to go so many years and never played it, but I have now! It was that Colonel Mustard with his axe. I didn’t win.



Friday looked sunny, so we went along the coastal path. It was beautiful but incredibly windy. And of course, in true British style, it started pouring as soon as we got to the furthest point away from our car which was lovely. But this is the beach we sat on while we had lunch, and my dad and my very attractive walking boots …




We visited a very disappointing castle on Saturday, but more on that sometime later in the week. Here’s my mama and I ‘casually posing’ on a wall …




Sunday has been a day of sitting around really. There’s gale force winds outside, it keeps chucking it down with rain, and a lovely fog has now descended. This resulted in us huddling up on the sofa for most of the day, though being the little mountain goat that I am (my parent’s new nickname for me) I did make them go on a walk with me in the evening. It was cold and windy. But I digress. The highlight of Sunday was starting my new book. There’s something really exciting, starting a new book, especially one as hefty as this. 26 pages down, 730 to go …