The 101 Challenge

101 – Find a goat 

When I chose this challenge, I did it with the knowledge that at the end of my road is an animal sanctuary with several goats. Great I thought, this one will be easy. Awkwardly, the goats were shortly removed from the sanctuary and moved somewhere else, making challenge no. 101 actually quite hard. That was until my Sunday School class finished early one day and in an attempt to keep the kids occupied with something, took them to the farm at the back of the school that we meet at. And what should I find there? …..

goat 1 goat 2 goat 3


101 Challenges Completed: 5




The 101 Challenge

78 – Go to a market

This one was pretty damn easy. We happen to live in a city that has a pretty famous market, which I go to every time I go into the center. The highlight of this trip was watching a man sell a mop like he was on some sort of game show. He had an example floor and everything.
DSC_1158 DSC_1159 DSC_1166DSC_1164 DSC_1165 DSC_1169

101 Challenges Completed: 3


The 101 Challenge

Right, we thought it was about time we got round to posting some of the things off our 101 Challenge that we have completed.

So to start:

4 – Get involved with a world record attempt

About a year ago, our school decided to attempt the world record for the tallest cookie tower. As prefects, some of us were allowed to help out by letting children in and out of the room to help build it. I spent pretty much the whole day tiptoeing around because I was so worried I would fall over onto the tower and knock it all over. Seriously, they had teachers standing around the tower to make sure people did go anywhere near it like bouncers. They took it VERY seriously. Though a lot of us did end up stealing biscuits at the end of the day because we had about 10 boxes left over so there were some perks. I stayed there all day (no, not to avoid lessons…) and when the photographer for the newspaper turned up I was one of the only ones that had been there the whole time, so they chose me to be in the photo. Which you can see below:


Cookie Tower 2

My hand looks bigger than my face…


The original cookie tower record was set by the Girl Scouts of Nassau County in America and measured 6 ft 1/8 in tall. However, we did achieve the world record as our cookie tower stood at 6ft 2inches.


101 Challenge Completed: 1



The 101 Challenge

So as promised in our Sunday post, here’s the big challenge we’ve set ourselves over the next few months. I say big because it is … big. 101 things that we need to do. It’s basically a bucket list of all the interesting things I found to do on the internet. Obviously, I haven’t included some of the more … urm … questionable things … like fuck a duck.

We’ve created a whole page for this, so you can keep track of our progress and/or read the full list, but every time we complete something, we’ll post it on the main page, then link back to it on the 101 page. That make sense?

If you’d like to attempt the 101 challenge yourself, please follow these guidelines:

1) We’d appreciate it if you credit us in your post and link back to our 101 page. It’s just politeness. Especially as we spent hours making up the list and got stuck at 85 for a week.

2) Try to do the challenges to the best of your ability. For example, #36: Adopt an accent for an entire day, just doing it for 10 ten minutes doesn’t count.

3) Don’t count things that other people have done, only if you and anyone else that writes on your blog has done it, is it complete

4) Add your page to the contact form below so we can have a look at yours!