30 Days of Thankful

#4 – The Things People Can Do With Paper

Okay, yes that’s a pretty vague title, but what I mean by that is art. Again, art is a pretty vague subject so I’ll narrow it down a bit again. Studying art at A-level means you look at a lot of artists, and I admit that sometimes I look at them and think ‘wait, that’s considered art?!’. But every now and again I come across someone who’s work is just amazing. And an artist like this is what inspired the title of this post. His name is Rob Ryan, and he makes me thankful that we live in a place where people can create things like this and share them with the world. I mean seriously, these are paper cutouts …

rob ryan 1 rob ryan 3 rob ryan 4

thirty days



Artist of the Month – May

Paul Kenton:

paul kenton
Paul Kenton just so happens to be my favourite artist. I discovered his work in an art
gallery in central Birmingham and I think I fell in love a little bit.

I was in my first year of my GCSE art course at the time, so I went back to school and
begged my art teacher to let me use him as one of my research artists. It was then
that I discovered that it’s very hard to replicate his style with the supplies in a school
art cupboard, but I made do by scribbling a bit with a biro. It looked better than it

And one day, I promise, I will have the painting below, hanging on my living room