New Year, New Goals

2013 has been a pretty eventful year complete with college drop-outs, starting blogs, weddings, babies, engagements, new friends, old friends, and pretty awesome adventures. I mean come on, we built a fort (look out for that post soon)!

I’m pretty excited for this new year and all the possibilities it already holds, but it’s also kinda scary. This will be the year my friends all go off to Uni and I’ll be left to become fully independent and to move on from how life was in high school. This is the year I’ll gain the responsibility of two more girls to my youth group. And most importantly, this is the year when our Halloween tradition will become really sad, as an 18 and a 19 year old sit and watch High School Musical.

Kutch (1)

So here’s my personal goals for this year:

Fund raise My Ass Off

Yes, that is the term I’ll be using when people ask me what I hope to do this year although maybe not to my grandma. There’s a course in London on leadership in the Church that I want to do once I’ve finished college, problem being that it’s really expensive. I mean really expensive. So I have a feeling that practically everyone I know will immediately attempt to hide their purse every time they see by the end of the year …

Make it to the end of Year 12

I mean, this is my second time around and it’d be kind of embarrassing to have to do it three times. I’m not sure I can cope with the shame of being 19 and still in the same year as I was at 17. This is probably the most important one, but it’s also the one that will involve the most work, and that doesn’t sound very fun at the moment.

Read the Bible at least twice a week

Because it’s a good book that never gets old

Be more organised with this blog

Actually plan things instead of just fluking it on the day, because that’s how I start to ramble about rubbish that no one cares about

Be more organised with youth planning

Being in charge of a youth group really does require more planning than I’m good at. There’s always things I think I should mention or take them too then realise three months later I’ve completely missed it again. But not this year!

Be more organised in life

See above and apply it to literally every situation in day-to-day life. I feel lists are the way forward.

Do more of the 101 challenge!

Seriously, we’ve done so many that we haven’t got round to blogging about yet! Come on girls!


30 Days of Thankful

#2 – God’s Creativity

As a Christian, I believe that God created everything in this world, so if you don’t believe in the same ideas, just go along with it for now. When God created the world I feel like he had a great time. He could have just decided to make tree, and grass, and flower, but instead he decided to go all out and make hundreds of beautiful, intricate and frankly, weird variations. For example, a few weeks ago at church, someone gave me a bunch of flowers which included the most amazing flower I have ever seen. Seriously, it’s a cabbage:

DSCN4471 DSCN4472

Like what?! Even everyday flowers like roses. Once you actually look at them, they’re absolutely amazing!

thirty days

So here’s a little challenge for you today, and over the next week. When you see flowers, or  trees, or plants, instead of simply glancing at them look at them, and appreciate the beauty  in every part of His creation.


Life Recently

1. Stupidity 

Some of you may have noticed the lack of a post last Wednesday. The reason for that is because I’m an idiot. I completely forgot which email address I use to sign into WordPress and spent 10 minutes trying to log in before getting too frustrated and giving up. At no point in these ten minutes did it occur to me to try and log in with my other email address …

2. Late for EVERYTHING.

I’m late for college every single day. I told my friend it must be a form of talent, because I can leave my house 10 minutes early and still arrive 10 minutes late. She told me that I need to leave 20 minutes early. I’m actually an idiot. I was also 10 minutes late for my psychology lesson this morning and earned that classic teacher phrase “nice that you could join us”.

3. Birthdays

Did anyone notice Katie’s subtle hint in her Friday post last week? It involves on of theseOne Direction Balloon

I asked her about it today and she swears it wasn’t, but she then went on to say I can get her one if I want with a look of longing in her eyes.

4. New youth groups

Our church is currently teaming up with another for youth-ness and there are a few interesting people. My favourite is a young girl who describes a near-death experience as “when you accidentally fall off a cliff, but your friend catches you”, which I guess is kind of right.


I’m Back! … With a Chest Infection …

I’m back!  It has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks including camping,  a wedding and a chest infection.

Let’s start with the camping shall we? It was a little festival called Soul Survivor that I took my youth group too. There were some pretty interesting moments with some massive arguments, some slightly smaller arguments and a few more arguments. It was totes dramatic. Oh, and that chest infection. That was fun.

(side note: please excuse the quality of the these photos – I wasn’t going to take my big fancy camera to a field)


If you don’t know, it’s a sort of Christian festival/conference with big morning and evening meetings and seminars in the in between bits, with cafés, clubs and skate parks interspersed through-out the day. If you are a Christian (and live in England), I really really couldn’t recommend it enough.


Here’s some mints – always a necessity for the main meetings


It did get pretty windy one day and the people camping next to us had a little problem with their marquee. As in, all the pegs flew out and it lifted off the ground. Instead of helping, we took photos and laughed because that’s what a good Christian does.

I feel like you want me to tell the chest infection story right?

Well, during the day it was pretty hot. I was wearing shorts. In the evening it was not hot. I was still wearing shorts. Then it started raining. And I stayed out all night, in the freezing cold, in the pouring rain and soaking wet clothes. And shorts. Why, I hear you ask? ……. In my defense, he was really good looking.