Well Hello There! Remember Us?

One point of exciting news before we begin/start rambling – the blog has reached its 1st birthday! Celebrated in style 11 days ago with us completely forgetting about it and only realising when I logged on to write this! So happy birthday us!

(That’s us down there if you’ve forgotten what we look like! Please ignore the party animal living it up in the corner!)


Oh dear. We did it too. That annoying thing that bloggers do when they miss a day … then a week … and one day they check back and realise it’s been nearly two months since they last posted. Oops!

But let’s be honest – it’s exam season and that time of year where all the blogs from people still in education go strangely quiet and miss out on a bit of TCL. We just decided to get in there early, right?! I’d like to say we’ve been working hard, revising loads and making the most of our blog silence, but that would be a complete and utter lie. I don’t know about Katie (she may be secretly working away like a small squirrel behind my back) but I have been doing a lot of time-wasting and staring-out-of-windowsing.

I think this can be pretty well backed up by the fact that today’s free lesson at college – one that is scheduled in by teachers in the desperate hope that some of us will use the study room for actual study – was spent walking to the shop to relieve my sudden craving for oreos. And while oreo craving is a very serious situation, I’m not sure how it took us an hour.

Still, the school year is once again drawing to a close. For Katie that means sixth form life is over. For me it means that I have yet another year to drag myself through with only my other re-takers for company. I don’t know why but I’m strangely excited, though I’m sure that excitement will disappear as soon as the new Year 12s arrive and the common room is overrun by 16 year olds watching Jeremy Kyle all day.

Thankfully though, I have my fellow re-takers to entertain me. I’m pretty happy with the selection – the majority are big enough characters to create lots of drama and a select few to quiet enough to sit back and watch it unfold with me …

But see, I’ve got distracted again. The point of these ramblings was to apologise for being MIA for so long, and to tell you not to expect anything much until after exams, after which we will probably just forget again.

Happy Monday!



Major Man-Fluing

I spent last night trying to contend with what I so beautifully described to Katie this morning as ‘an avalanche of snot’. This is a lifestyle blog yes, so I’m afraid you’ll have to listen to the not so pretty parts of life too. Basically, I’m man fluing. I’ve been brought up in a house where a cold is not valued as an ‘illness’ and more of a ‘minor setback’, so when I woke up this morning and cried to my mum that I didn’t think I could go into college today so told me that I should get on with it. I’m a Maggs and apparently that means that illness doesn’t affect me. So I went off to college … and came home again after three hours because my psychology teacher told me I looked terrible and he didn’t want my germs in his lesson (it was said in a caring way if that makes it better). The rest of the day has been divided between sleeping, drinking tea and making my way through several tissue boxes (ew gross).

Seemed like I was going to have a pretty rubbish day UNTIL I remembered the new Cadbury’s advert which kind of gets me in hysterics every time I see it. I think it has something to do with the man in it looking very much like a guy I used to work in a similar office with. I like to think this is what he does when no one else is around.


Life Recently

1. Stupidity 

Some of you may have noticed the lack of a post last Wednesday. The reason for that is because I’m an idiot. I completely forgot which email address I use to sign into WordPress and spent 10 minutes trying to log in before getting too frustrated and giving up. At no point in these ten minutes did it occur to me to try and log in with my other email address …

2. Late for EVERYTHING.

I’m late for college every single day. I told my friend it must be a form of talent, because I can leave my house 10 minutes early and still arrive 10 minutes late. She told me that I need to leave 20 minutes early. I’m actually an idiot. I was also 10 minutes late for my psychology lesson this morning and earned that classic teacher phrase “nice that you could join us”.

3. Birthdays

Did anyone notice Katie’s subtle hint in her Friday post last week? It involves on of theseOne Direction Balloon

I asked her about it today and she swears it wasn’t, but she then went on to say I can get her one if I want with a look of longing in her eyes.

4. New youth groups

Our church is currently teaming up with another for youth-ness and there are a few interesting people. My favourite is a young girl who describes a near-death experience as “when you accidentally fall off a cliff, but your friend catches you”, which I guess is kind of right.



So I went back to college today. Got up at 8:15 (okay that was a late start) and spent quite a while getting ready and stopping myself freaking out. Basically, there was lots of prep. I met up with a couple of friends of mine, and we trekked in, only to discover that we didn’t actually have to be in until Monday.


But ‘seen as we were in any way’ we were forced to stay with the new year 12’s and sit through an hours of sessions on how to use apostrophes and how to rearrange an equation. Like seriously. I’d find that degrading if I was in Year 10.

I’m sorry this is a rubbish post, but I’m just too annoyed, and I’m going to drown my sorrows in Devil Wears Prada and ice-cream instead.


September Changes and a Possible Moth

September has arrived. WHAT?? Surely it was only Christmas a couple of weeks ago? And with September comes a couple of changes.

Firstly, I’m starting college again, so I won’t have as much time to procrastinate on this blog. So, we’re ditching the Sunday post, meaning that we’ll only be doing three a week. This is just a trial period. We might find that three is still too big and cut it down again. But for the moment, it’ll be Monday, Wednesday and Friday posting.

Another change is that Katie will be posting more. Friday is now her official day, while Monday’s and Wednesday will stay with me.

We also warn that there may be a few gaps. Sometimes (especially towards exam season at the end of the year) the workload is going to be too much to add a blog post on top. Hopefully that won’t be too frequent though. We’ve both grown to love this blog way too much to let it fall to the wayside.

About that moth. I think it’s a moth? I’m not that great with animals. I took this picture ages ago when it landed on my brother’s window and he called the whole family in to look at how hairy it is, and seriously, it’s well hairy. The longer you look, the more weird it gets …



Walk Away With Purpose

I’ve finished my job! Woohoo! I had my last day last week and my time in the world of pensions is (hopefully) over!

So to celebrate the fact that I’ve managed to escape alive, here’s a list of my favourite parts of that job:

  1. Pretending to be more important than I am
    As in looking really busy and concentrated while walking down corridors/reading files/looking at lists. It really is quite an art that I’ve perfected over the years, and gives the illusion that I’m not just doing filing but a job that’s really important and integral to the company.
  2. Sitting under the ‘Pensions’ sign
    Following on from #1, sitting under the pensions department sign adds to the false sense of importance and implies that you must be pretty clever to work in a world of maths. It was the perfect environment to hide the results of my Maths AS level. I got a U.
  3. Pretending not to notice people who want to ask you a question
    One of the downsides of looking like you know what you’re doing is that people passing by your desk tend to want to ask you questions. Thankfully, I used to work in a library and during those days I perfected the art of ignoring people so they won’t ask you a question you don’t know the answer too. Suddenly becoming very busy and avoiding eye contact is key. If worst comes to worst, just get up and walk off with purpose.
  4. That time the pigeon died.
  5. Listening to other people’s conversations
    Like the time someone came in with whooping-cough and the secretary immediately started researching to tell her just how many people die a year from whooping-cough. Or the time when the woman who does Ali’s ironing was on holiday and she had to do it all herself. (Apart from her husband’s. He had to do his own.)
  6. Hearing what people really say as soon as they put the phone down
    They do love to complain
  7. Awkward eye contact with the guy from Payroll who walks past my desk
    It’s less the eye contact than trying to return his smile before he’s gone past so I don’t look rude. Unfortunately, he was a very fast walker

So there’s one job finished with, and to replace it, college starts again next week. Ugh is the only word to describe my feelings towards that right now.