WARNING: This Could Get Emotional …

I’m not really an emotional person, and talking about ‘feelings’ and smooshie stuff (yes, that is a word) is not something that comes naturally, but today will be a special day where I let the inner girl in me take over. Why? Because last Friday was one of my best friend’s and co-writer of this blog’s 18th birthday. That’s right, she’s now officially an adult which is both scary and quite frankly, hilarious.


Which leads us to the emotional stuff. Katie is a lover of all things emotional, and I’ve already managed to make her cry with one of my presents which I think is an achievement (they were happy tears by the way … I think), so I’m going to attempt to do it again.

First things first, she’s a pretty amazing person. I don’t think I know anyone else who is so genuinely caring about everything. I remember a group of our friends going round to her house one day after school and then finding her crying in her kitchen because one of them was having a bit of a strop and she thought it was all her fault.


I don’t think I appreciated this quality in her as much as I did last year, when I had to drop out of college because of a virus. The majority of friends stayed in contact for a little while, but after a few months, just stopped calling or texting, while Katie was constantly checking up on me, including me in things and even coming all the way round to my house when I cried to her on the phone. So Katie, for that, I really want to say thank you. Not only for being such a caring, loving friend when I really needed one, but for not giving up on me like everyone else.


I really feel blessed to have Katie in my life. She’s so different to all of my other school friends, who always seem to be talking about who’s going to get drunk at the weekend, and who’s sleeping with who. She holds high morals, doesn’t get molded into how people expect her to be, and is the only person I can have a conversation about Postman Pat with. She never fails to make me smile every single day, and I can guarantee that in 50 years time, we’ll still meet up and laugh about the time that James fell off his chair when she threw a glue stick at him.


So Katie, happy birthday, and in 50 years, we better still be doing our Halloween tradition …

(P.S. And Katie, assuming you’ll show this to your mum, hey Mummy Bullock! I love you just as equally and thank you for bringing up such and such an amazing daughter)



3 Months of Birthdays

So does anyone else find that from pretty much the beginning of September until Christmas you’re inundated with buying birthday presents, going to birthday parties and writing happy birthday on the Facebook walls of  people you barely talk to? It seems to be that time of year again. If you are lucky enough to have made friends with people who have birthdays spread throughout the year then you won’t know what this is like. It just so happens that my group of friends from school nearly all have birthdays in either October or November. I think its time for a major present shopping trip.

However, on the plus side – my birthday is next Friday!  So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post on that night but it will probably be Saturday instead. It may be my 18th but I’m kind of hoping for a One Direction balloon…

One Direction Balloon

And just a little something to remember from a film Hannah and I watched a couple of weeks ago:

A princess never chases a chicken.


“You Call It Lazy, I Call It Selective Participation”

I’ll be honest here, I’m procrastinating. Like a lot. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m desperately trying not to work. Problem is, I’m home alone so  I don’t even need to pretend to work. The other problem is that I actually really do need to do some work. Katie and I went into the city center yesterday so nothing got done then, and somehow, the list of things I need to do has lengthened over the weekend. And yet, here I am, writing a blog post instead of doing something productive. IT’S JUST SO DULL!

It makes me sad that I’m so lazy.

My friends can back me up on that. They’ve been blackmailed many a time when I want them to get me something that I don’t want to get up for myself. I’m the sort of person who will text someone in the next room because they don’t want to shout and just lie on the floor for hours. And you know what? It kind of annoys me, and yet, I’m still to lazy to do anything about it. It just goes round in circles. But I’m going to try to break that silly little circle.

Ooh dramatic I know. It’ll be just like a film.

Who bets I’ll just spend the next three hours on Pinterest?


Life Lessons: Keep An Eye Out For Horse Poo

Last weekend, my brother and I headed to London to visit some family friends of ours in Greenwich. After an annoyingly long train journey in the ‘quiet’ carriage (it was NOT quiet. Two strangers sitting behind us had an extremely loud two-hour conversation, where everyone in the carriage learned the girl’s entire life history. Did you know she spent a year in Ethiopia and her dad’s directed a Bollywood movie? More worryingly, she swapped Facebook details with this guy. She was 17. He was 38. Don’t do that. Sorry that was a long bracket. Maybe go and re-read the start of the sentence so the next bit makes sense.), a tube journey with two very excited Americans, a swerving bus and a short walk/run in the rain, we arrived at our friend’s house and sat gossiping over tea. They’ve just bought a new house so we were forced to run out in the rain and complete darkness to see the ‘potential’ of the house – the garden. It was dark. We saw nothing.

On the Saturday afternoon, Luke and I headed out into central London for what turned out to essentially be a really long walk. We started off with a trip to Chipotle, a Mexican fast food place that has only two shops in the UK, both of which are in London. We headed to the one on Baker Street and although Luke says that they’re not as good as the are in America, they were still pretty damn awesome.
DSCN4160 DSCN4165 DSCN4174 DSCN4180 DSCN4184 DSCN4190 DSCN4198 DSCN4200 DSCN4202 DSCN4212 DSCN4214

This guy was hilarious. We were watching the inspection of the guards and as they paraded out the last three accidentally walked straight through a massive pile of freshly laid horse poo. This poor solider had to run up and clean it off their boots. Ew. DSCN4219 DSCN4225 DSCN4234 DSCN4244 DSCN4253

Bonus points if you can spot the snail below. DSCN4259 DSCN4265 DSCN4281 DSCN4286

It wasn’t until I got home and showed my mum this picture that I realised that this originally said ‘be yourself’ and someone’s just rubbed out letters so it says ‘be our elf’. I thought they were advertising for a Christmas job … (also, by ‘I realised’ I mean ‘my mum pointed out to me’.)DSCN4296

HOW TO: Survive Revision


There’s two reasons for this woohoo – we don’t give them out lightly. Firstly, this is the start of a brand new series – a ‘How To’ series. They won’t be coming on any sort of schedule so you’ll just have to keep your eyes open.

Secondly, it’s exam season again, and we all know what that means – procrastination. Which is what you’re doing right now. Don’t lie, even if you’re not revising, you’re avoiding doing something right now aren’t you … (I won’t lie either, I just procrastinated writing this by going over the last season of 90210 on Wikipedia)

But to make it worthwhile to your future, here’s a little guide of good advice for all you revising … people.

1) Go for a run

According to the internet, going for a run in the morning will awaken you brain and make it easier to remember things. According to me, it’ll make you so f*cking tired that you’ll have no choice but to stay sitting on that desk chair.

2) Eat food that’s tasteless

When you’re revising, your body will try anything to get away from the mind-numbing boredom by distracting you with your stomach. So you just need something to chew absentmindedly while watching the cat from next door try to catch a bird you revise. I’d say crackers because 1) they’re so dull you’ll give up on eating anyway and 2) they’re practically cardboard, so you’re not going to come out of study leave looking like Chris Moyles (pre-weight loss obviously)

3) Always have a book open

That way, every time your mum comes in to check you’re working, you can chuck your laptop under your bed and stare intently at it. Just make sure you change the page every time she leaves.

4) Keep away from the parents as much as possible

Teenagers and stress don’t really make a good mix , so keep a wide berth from the ‘rents and/or any other extremely annoying person in your life because they will make you angry and chances are, you’ll end up in tears.

5) Don’t be THAT guy

If you don’t know one of those guys then count yourself very lucky. Don’t be that guy that looks at people doing exams in the year below him and constantly tells him how they can’t possibly understand how hard life is for them and how their exam is a million times harder. No one likes that guy. Okay, if you’re in your final year of uni, GCSE kids look like the lamest thing ever, but this is the first time they’ve sat exams and their still at the stage where they care so don’t be mean.

6) Instagram the shit out of that textbook

Who doesn’t love a good lying-across-some-books-with-a-sepia-tint photo? I do.

7) Don’t lose your books – but if you do, just steal stuff

I know this from experience. It was around this time last year that I realised that I had lost all of my history books from a two year course. I then stole a textbook and preceded to revise the wrong subject (there’s another tip, always know what your exam is actually about). So keep track of your books and if you do, remember to thoroughly check the drawer where you keep them all. That’s where I found two of them four months later. There’s still two missing though …

8) Don’t paint your nails, then re-paint them, then take off the nail varnish because it wasn’t that good anyway

Don’t lie. You know you’ve done it at least once. Unless you’re a guy. In which case … don’t lie.

9) Get off all social media sites

Don’t even bother looking at them because no one will have messaged you – all your friends are probably also pretending to revise. And now is not the time to look through every single photo on that guy you like’s Facebook page. Especially because by the end, he’ll start looking extremely young and not very attractive at all, so it’s a lose-lose situation.

10) Stop reading this

Get off Bloglovin’ and open a book. Read at least one page before you start to find other things to distract your time with. And who knows, you might even achieve something in your life. If not, there’s always McDonalds.

Hannah & Katie