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59 – Wear Legwarmers


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£30 I Wish I Spent On Shoes…

Here’s our photos from the Clothes Show as promised…



K- We were so close to the catwalk I could almost pretend I was a fashion journalist at a fashion show.


H – Yes that is a pile of wood on his head, it’s fashion alright? Probably inspired by the story of The Three Little Pigs.20131213-171926.jpg



K – An incredibly over dramatic dancer who we couldn’t help but laugh at.




H – Ahh Scott. Yes he may have only sang two songs over and over, but look at that face. And his accent … either way, it was only the fact that I refused to go and take a photo of them together that forced Katie to take this slightly stalkerish photo instead.

K – I kind of love him a little bit. It’s something about the Scottishness I think.

H – It took all my will power to run at him and punch him in the face for the Binky drama from last season.

K – I was still pretty excited. I’ll admit I did squeal.20131213-172125.jpg


K – I got some free fake tan. It was Medium… I’ve vowed to never use it – for good reason as you can see by Hannah’s hand…



Hannah & Katie

30 Days of Thankful

#5 – Bows Came Back


One of my favourite memories of childhood is of Christmas at my aunt’s house where my cousin (who I completely idolized and still do – she’s awesome) took me upstairs and gave us matching hair-dos. High ponytails with a big velvet black bows on top. On  a 6 year old that looks absolutely adorable but as I got older I realised that my favourite hairstyle was becoming less acceptable.

UNTIL, bows made a come-back. Fashion and beauty blogs started doing posts on the best hairstyles to use them in, and Pinterest became covered in them. It was awesome. So this week, I’m thankful for being able to bring the bows back out and for my beautiful cousin.

thirty days


I Think I Fell In Love …

Let’s just take a moment shall we, and appreciate the beauty that is handbags. If you’re a guy or a girly that doesn’t like this sort of thing, firstly, why?! And secondly, I suggest you run away right now because there’s only one way this post is going, and that is into handbag territory.

Let’s start at the very beginning, because according to the Sound of Music, that is a very good place to start. Whilst on my crying-with-excitement holiday to Wales, we went to visit a castle for a day, but discovered when we got there that this ‘castle’ was actually just two walls. Okay, originally the walls were part of a castle but there’s not really much you can do on a day-trip to some walls is there? There was a museum that you could pay £1 to look around … but hey, I wanted a castle not a room of old pictures. So we dumped my dad in there and my mum and I went shopping instead. Because that’s what girls do.

And there, in a remote Welsh town with like two shops in it, we found a lovely department store that was closing down and was selling everything off. Let me tell you now, I think everyone in Wales was in that shop. It was like being back in dear old Birmingham, except everyone was really polite and said excuse me a lot. So nothing like Birmingham, there was just a lot of people.

Wow, that was a very long and overly detailed explanation.

Basically, Wales, shop, I bought a bag, it’s pretty and cheap. (It’s David Jones don’t ya know, not that I’d brag or anything)





And in case you’re sitting there thinking ‘Hey Hannah, what was originally on that small table before you put your rather beautiful bag on it?’

I’m glad you asked.


This. This was on that table. Some dead branches with glittery pine cones (I think?) hanging on them. Why? I have no idea. My mum made me sit and paint them all, then put glitter on them all, then tie the most stupidly thin thread around them and hang them. Took me like two weeks, and ruined two paintbrushes. Just saying.



Concrete Colours


This is the third colour nail varnish I bought when I disgusted myself by shopping in Claire’s. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry about the shoddy brush-work displayed here. As I said in my review of the other two colours I bought, the brush is not the greatest, but I admit it was a rather rushed job.

I’m not really sure if I like the colour. I don’t particularly like dark nails and this colour reminds me of concrete when it’s still wet? Definetely not a colour for spring, but it could look nice used for a design on top of a lighter colour.

You can read my review of the other two colours I bought here.




Polyvore Prettiness

I think I have a problem. If you’ve read my blog post ‘A Dress, a Bear and a Little White Lie’ you’ll know that I do like a nice dress. However, it’s now got to the point of being a little excessive. My dress section takes up more than half of my wardrobe. Now this might be acceptable, apart from the fact that I live in England, which means that on average, only about two weeks a year is the weather appropriate for a dress.

But a girl can dream right? And usually I do. Of dresses.

So here’s my selection of what dresses I would buy for spring in that imaginary world where I have endless amounts of money and the sun is actually making an appearance. Spring is definitely my favourite season for clothes because of the pale, pastel colours that get me excited for the end of the cold weather. Oh wait, it’s still here.

19th Main Street

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