I hate to disappoint, but being 18 is not a whole lot different that being 17. So, in the spirit of being an adult, I decided to look up just what I can legally do now that I’m 18 and make a list.

  1. Buy alcohol
  2. Vote
  3. Join the Army
  4. Get married without parental permission
  5. Buy scissors
  6. Stand for election
  7. Get a mortgage
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Buy solvents
  10. Make a will
  11. Go to prison
  12. Buy fireworks
  13. Get a loan
  14. Buy 18 certificate films
  15. Drive lorries with a trailer attached
  16. Buy and sell scrap metal
  17. Pawn stuff in a pawn shop
  18. Play bingo

It’s really quite an inspiring list isn’t it…

So now you know you can now do all that exciting stuff, onto my actual birthday.

I did have an absolutely wonderful birthday this year. We have a tradition in our group that on my birthday we have a group photo. But being as OCD as I am, I make sure we are all in the same order. Now unfortunately, or maybe fortunately (if you’d have seen my hair you’d know why), I can’t find the one from 2010:







Now in the last picture you may see Liza isn’t there, we are still friends, she just couldn’t make it. Oh and extra people are there. 10 points for observation if you noticed that one too.

I’d also like to mention Hannah’s post last week and how lovely it was. As predicted, I did cry. As did my mum.

Also that the presents she got me made me cry as well (in a happy tears kind of way). But I would like to point out my lack of One Direction balloons. My hint was obviously too subtle…




3 Months of Birthdays

So does anyone else find that from pretty much the beginning of September until Christmas you’re inundated with buying birthday presents, going to birthday parties and writing happy birthday on the Facebook walls of  people you barely talk to? It seems to be that time of year again. If you are lucky enough to have made friends with people who have birthdays spread throughout the year then you won’t know what this is like. It just so happens that my group of friends from school nearly all have birthdays in either October or November. I think its time for a major present shopping trip.

However, on the plus side – my birthday is next Friday!  So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post on that night but it will probably be Saturday instead. It may be my 18th but I’m kind of hoping for a One Direction balloon…

One Direction Balloon

And just a little something to remember from a film Hannah and I watched a couple of weeks ago:

A princess never chases a chicken.


Sometimes …

If someone asked me right this second, “are you happy with your life right now?” I don’t think I’d be able to answer. If they asked me this evening, I’d probably say “yes”, and if they asked me tomorrow afternoon, I’d probably say “maybe not”.

I think the real reason for that indecision is covered in this quote from The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.


I came across it while reading the book (obviously) and I just sat there for a bit, thinking that is so true! 

There are many aspects of my life that I’m not happy with at the moment. I’m disappointed in myself for having to have professional help for my anxiety issues; I hate the fact I’ll be re-starting sixth form in September a year below my friends, and the fact that I’ve grown apart from them in the past year especially as so many friendships and relationships of people I know seem to be breaking down and ending.

But despite all of these downsides, I can’t describe myself as being sad, or unhappy, because of the people around me.

A few weeks ago, my church welcomed two American interns that have come to spend the summer with us and they’ve definitely proved this quote right. I’ve never had so much fun watching a tennis game, looking round Birmingham markets or painting a lion. All ordinary things that have now become treasured memories, just because I did them with the right people.

Who are the special people in your life who makes the ordinary become the extraordinary?


Prom Beauty Ideas

This week my best friend,who is in the year below me, asked if I would help her and her friends out for their prom. Of course I jumped at the chance to paint nails, do makeup and hair. Obviously everyone has different ideas of what sort of things they want to wear and how they want to style themselves for prom, but I thought I’d share with you some of the designs I did for them (and some extra photos for the hell of it…)


Please excuse the weird plastic finger that I practice nail designs on…

But this is the design I came up with to go with my friend’s dress which as you can see matches the pattern on the waist.DSC_0428

To make the triangles even I used the low tack nail design tape I was talking about in another post back in May. But you can easily use sellotape to section off these parts. You can then use either a nail art pen or hair grips dipped in nail varnish for the dots. Make sure if you are using sellotape that you make it a little less sticky first because otherwise it make peel off the polish already on your nails.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of her friends also had a blue dress but with diamante on so instead I painted some plain artificial nails with blue nail varnish and glittery tips:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In order to get a solid colour I had to paint 3 coats of the blue, but seeing as they were fake nails they can be left to dry for as long as needed without having to do everything with that weird hand position you have to use when you’ve just painted your nails. I then let them dry for an hour or so and carefully, in one stroke, did the tips. Although this sounds difficult, you get a much cleaner line and better shape if you do it all in one go.

If you don’t have anything like a plastic finger with them blu-taked on to paint the nails on, you can use any curved surface the right width to stick them onto. In the past I’ve either persuaded my mum to blu-tak them onto one of her fingers or stuck them onto a pencil which is secured to the table.

I would go into details about the hair and makeup but I have no pictures to go along with it so it might not make as much sense…

It was a really good night though but did make me a bit jealous that they got to go off to prom and I didn’t.



Our Attempt At Taking Photos Together…

If you knew Hannah and I well, or even if you didn’t to be honest, you would know that as soon  as we’re together, we just start to laugh hysterically every time we look at each other. This was exactly the case on Friday when we attempted to take photos together for this lovely blog so that you lucky people get to put a face to my name (extreme sarcasm there).

Could you please show us some of the hilarious photos that you took? Well, if you insist here are 10 of the best (though we did end up taking 105)!  Also, please realise, I’m that person that pulls the stupid faces whilst other people keep smiling and looking pretty so I do look awful in the majority of these pictures…


As you can see, the laughing has already begun…



This is one of those times I pulled a face and the other person didn’t…



Hannah rewrote her name 6 times to get it perfect


Not even sure why?


This was before I realised that whichever I held my sign, the arrows would always be pointed upwards….oops


I found a lion in my room. It is called Clarence. Bit posh I know. But look at him, he is fabulous!



We will probably have to try to take some more photos soon because barely any of them, as you can see, are even usable!


Introducing Katie …

Exciting times! Today, I’m welcoming one of my best friends onto this blog! She’s going to become a sort of co-poster if that makes sense. And to start some introductions, we thought we’d complete the ‘friendship tag’ so you could get to know her a little better. Look out for some of her first posts next week …

How and when did you meet?

H: This is insanely embarrassing, but we actually met in Science Club in Year 6. Don’t judge us – we were 10. And we were picked as some of the best scientists in our different schools to come to a science club in our local high school. I’d like to say we didn’t want to go. But that’s a lie. We were both well chuffed to be chosen. Though actually, the first time we met, Katie was really horrible to me. I was the only girl from my school, and she was with two friends. I remember she ran up to me and said I looked like a blue ink cartridge – just because my school uniform was bright blue.
We did eventually bond over a worm though so it was all good. And our teacher was called Mrs Shufflebottom.

What is your favourite memory together?

K: Well, in Year 10, sitting next to each other in History (which we did virtually no work in the lessons but still got a B, thank you) we’d borrowed a glue stick from the boy in front of us. Once we’d finished using it and obviously thinking that he would be expecting us to give it back I shouted his name and threw it back at him, causing him to let out a squeal and jump sideways off his chair and into the middle of the floor. We sat for about 20 minutes hysterically laughing whilst the rest of the class gave us annoyed glares, which actually happened far too regularly.

H: That would probably be my favourite too, but for the interest of adding some variety I’ll choose a different one. Actually, I have two:
1) Our History teacher’s name was James, as was the name of the boy sitting in front of us (glue stick boy, if you’re wondering). So one of our favourite games to pass the time in those lessons was to constantly shout James, until one of them turned round, then just claim we were calling the other. Yes, we were very annoying.
2) Having a supply teacher in History (all of our fun times were in History, because that was the only lesson we had that the teachers actually let us sit by one another) called Miss Snell. She was Czech I think, but a bit of a pushover. One lesson she asked us to fetch her water bottle from a different classroom, and gave us the keys. We then realised that this key opened and closed every door in our school. So of course, we spent the next half an hour, locking all the doors we could find, then claimed it had taken so long because we’d got lost.

Describe one another in one word.

H: Hysterical (as in funny, not really emotional).

K: Sarcastic (in a good way, but also, sometimes I have no idea if she is being serious or not)

What is your dream job?

H: Midwife!

K: Wedding Photographer (which will probably never happen)

What is your favourite make-up brand?

H: Whichever’s cheapest?

K: I must say, I’m a pretty loyal Rimmel London girl

What is something that annoys you about the other person?

H: She doesn’t like doing anything that might get her into trouble. And I do.

K: She gets me into trouble because I’m no good at keeping a straight face.

If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

H: South Africa please? It was one of the subjects on our History course, but thinking back, I really have no idea what it was about. Just that we watched a film that had Michael Caine in it.

Favourite inside joke?

H: Enoch. Enoch Powell.

K: The JLS incident.

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

K: To be honest, we’re both pretty slow and take ages (at least an hour) just wasting time

Favourite season?

H: Spring

K: Summer, but then again my birthday is in October so maybe Autumn? Just whenever its not raining if I’m honest?

Favourite song?

H: Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

K: The Writer – Ellie Goulding

Heels or flats?

H: Heels. If I could, I’d wear heels everyday, but I don’t think I’m old enough for that to be socially acceptable yet?

K: Definitely heels. I probably wear them at inappropriate times because I love wearing them too much.

Favourite animal?

H: Giraffe

K: Any one that won’t bite/maul me

If your house was burning down, and your family were safe, what would you save and why?

H: It’s not necessarily one thing, and it would take me several trips to get them all out, but my mum’s scrap-booking albums because photos are memories really. But now I feel guilty I didn’t say my teddy bear. So maybe him instead.

K: Yeah, I’m going to go with the soppy answer and probably save my teddy too. We’ve been through too much together.

Comedy, horror or chick-flick?

H: If those were my only options probably chick-flick, because most comedies make me cringe.

K: I’m a chick-flick kind of people. Something which I have been heavily criticised for by people, but I just love how predictable they are because you know they will always get together in the end.

Blackberry or iPhone?

H: iPhone. In my head, Blackberrys are for the annoying chavvy girls I had form with that spent most of the five years looking like oranges.

K: iPhone because I’m just that much of a hipster…

Favourite movie?

H: Inception!

K: John Tucker Must Die – I must have watched it over a hundred times!

Do you have anything matching?

H: Matching marker pens that we stole from one of our more annoying teachers on our last day. She had them all in a colour-coordinated box and got really angry if any went missing.

Do you share clothing?

H: Katie is rather larger in the chestal area than me :L but I do steal her scarves every now and then

K: We don’t share any clothing but  we do share a (toy) chick called Louie who lives with Hannah

What are you saved as in each other’s phones?

H: Katie is saved as Postman Pat, which got my mum very confused once when she called me. She didn’t really understand that it wasn’t the REAL Postman Pat calling …

K: Hannah therefore is Jess (well in actual fact Jessikins)

What’s your favourite thing about your friendship?

H: The amount of laughing we do. We only managed to do about three questions of this together because we wasted so much time laughing. One look can have us in hysterics.

K: It’s so true. We can literally be laughing about anything and everything pretty much all the time. I also like our mutual appreciation/obsession of A Very Potter Musical (which if you don’t know what it is, you should) and Made In Chelsea.

Hannah & Katie