Major Man-Fluing

I spent last night trying to contend with what I so beautifully described to Katie this morning as ‘an avalanche of snot’. This is a lifestyle blog yes, so I’m afraid you’ll have to listen to the not so pretty parts of life too. Basically, I’m man fluing. I’ve been brought up in a house where a cold is not valued as an ‘illness’ and more of a ‘minor setback’, so when I woke up this morning and cried to my mum that I didn’t think I could go into college today so told me that I should get on with it. I’m a Maggs and apparently that means that illness doesn’t affect me. So I went off to college … and came home again after three hours because my psychology teacher told me I looked terrible and he didn’t want my germs in his lesson (it was said in a caring way if that makes it better). The rest of the day has been divided between sleeping, drinking tea and making my way through several tissue boxes (ew gross).

Seemed like I was going to have a pretty rubbish day UNTIL I remembered the new Cadbury’s advert which kind of gets me in hysterics every time I see it. I think it has something to do with the man in it looking very much like a guy I used to work in a similar office with. I like to think this is what he does when no one else is around.




I hate to disappoint, but being 18 is not a whole lot different that being 17. So, in the spirit of being an adult, I decided to look up just what I can legally do now that I’m 18 and make a list.

  1. Buy alcohol
  2. Vote
  3. Join the Army
  4. Get married without parental permission
  5. Buy scissors
  6. Stand for election
  7. Get a mortgage
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Buy solvents
  10. Make a will
  11. Go to prison
  12. Buy fireworks
  13. Get a loan
  14. Buy 18 certificate films
  15. Drive lorries with a trailer attached
  16. Buy and sell scrap metal
  17. Pawn stuff in a pawn shop
  18. Play bingo

It’s really quite an inspiring list isn’t it…

So now you know you can now do all that exciting stuff, onto my actual birthday.

I did have an absolutely wonderful birthday this year. We have a tradition in our group that on my birthday we have a group photo. But being as OCD as I am, I make sure we are all in the same order. Now unfortunately, or maybe fortunately (if you’d have seen my hair you’d know why), I can’t find the one from 2010:







Now in the last picture you may see Liza isn’t there, we are still friends, she just couldn’t make it. Oh and extra people are there. 10 points for observation if you noticed that one too.

I’d also like to mention Hannah’s post last week and how lovely it was. As predicted, I did cry. As did my mum.

Also that the presents she got me made me cry as well (in a happy tears kind of way). But I would like to point out my lack of One Direction balloons. My hint was obviously too subtle…



The Wedding Photographs

What better way to spend a Friday than look at someone else’s wedding photos? – Me

Here’s the anticipated wedding photos as promised.


Bridesmaiding duties started early, with an 8am wake-up call to go and fetch the dress. This was quite a feat considering we’d only got to bed at gone 1 the previous night. I also got to have a quick trip to Co-op to get us some breakfast croissants, while feeling very out-of-place having just had my hair done. We then took them home and burnt them. Good start.

026080I’ll be honest, we were pretty unorganised.  The wedding was at 3 and at half 2, the bride was just starting to get dressed and the bridesmaids were printing off a game for after the meal. But we managed it and were only 10 minutes late.


Here’s us all dressed and pretending like we’ve had a very relaxed and laid-back morning.


This illusion was quickly shattered as we got outside and realised we’d almost left without her veil.
312Obviously I couldn’t take any pictures during the wedding, so here’s one of them as a brand new Mr and Mrs.
You have no idea how long it took me to make that bunting. Though probably less time than it took for everyone to make those cakes.

390I also made all of these paper wheels to go behind the cake table. I may be slightly bias but I do think it looks amazing.

445This was what we were printing off in the morning instead of getting ready. Wedding guest bingo was a pretty good game. Everyone supplied an interesting fact before the wedding and then had to work out who’s fact was who’s. And there were some pretty interesting facts. I had a good laugh at the woman who met her husband as she chased a naked patient down a corridor, only to discover that this woman was actually my Grandma. I was horrified.
(If you’re wondering, my fact was that during his teenage years the groom had a picture of me dressed as a nurse in his bedroom. The groom is my brother by the way, and I was about 5 and adorable.)
501Instead of dancing in the evening, there were loads of games. There was some serious Jenga’ing going on.
Ever seen a wedding where the bride is playing football in her dress? I think she even still in her heels at this point …

585 602
So there’s a small part of the photos from the wedding. It was literally one of the best days I’ve had, and I’m so so happy to finally have a sister! Also, Katie still hasn’t been to a wedding. Sorry if this was hard for you to read 😉