Well Hello There! Remember Us?

One point of exciting news before we begin/start rambling – the blog has reached its 1st birthday! Celebrated in style 11 days ago with us completely forgetting about it and only realising when I logged on to write this! So happy birthday us!

(That’s us down there if you’ve forgotten what we look like! Please ignore the party animal living it up in the corner!)


Oh dear. We did it too. That annoying thing that bloggers do when they miss a day … then a week … and one day they check back and realise it’s been nearly two months since they last posted. Oops!

But let’s be honest – it’s exam season and that time of year where all the blogs from people still in education go strangely quiet and miss out on a bit of TCL. We just decided to get in there early, right?! I’d like to say we’ve been working hard, revising loads and making the most of our blog silence, but that would be a complete and utter lie. I don’t know about Katie (she may be secretly working away like a small squirrel behind my back) but I have been doing a lot of time-wasting and staring-out-of-windowsing.

I think this can be pretty well backed up by the fact that today’s free lesson at college – one that is scheduled in by teachers in the desperate hope that some of us will use the study room for actual study – was spent walking to the shop to relieve my sudden craving for oreos. And while oreo craving is a very serious situation, I’m not sure how it took us an hour.

Still, the school year is once again drawing to a close. For Katie that means sixth form life is over. For me it means that I have yet another year to drag myself through with only my other re-takers for company. I don’t know why but I’m strangely excited, though I’m sure that excitement will disappear as soon as the new Year 12s arrive and the common room is overrun by 16 year olds watching Jeremy Kyle all day.

Thankfully though, I have my fellow re-takers to entertain me. I’m pretty happy with the selection – the majority are big enough characters to create lots of drama and a select few to quiet enough to sit back and watch it unfold with me …

But see, I’ve got distracted again. The point of these ramblings was to apologise for being MIA for so long, and to tell you not to expect anything much until after exams, after which we will probably just forget again.

Happy Monday!



Sochi 2014

So I’m currently sat here watching the Winter Olympics. This thing is insane! Firstly the ice hockey. Who saw a game of hockey and thought ‘you know what this game needs? A really slippy surface. Let’s do this on ice!’

And then there’s speed skating. Like what?! Probably one of the weirdest sights you’ll see in all the sports. Men dressed in really tight Lycra skating around really fast with their hands behind their backs. They just look so casual, holding the same position my grandad does when he wanders down the the newsagents in the morning. Until the corners where they’re practically skimming the floor and somehow managing to overtake!

But now, my personal favourite, freestyle skiing. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this you really should. You’ll be amazed trust me. Basically it’s skiing down a hill over what I can only describe as snow speed bumps and throwing in a spectacular jump every now and then. Kind of reminds me the when I used to slide down the stairs on my bum as a child (and still now, let’s not lie). If you’ve seen it then you’ll know what I mean …


Major Man-Fluing

I spent last night trying to contend with what I so beautifully described to Katie this morning as ‘an avalanche of snot’. This is a lifestyle blog yes, so I’m afraid you’ll have to listen to the not so pretty parts of life too. Basically, I’m man fluing. I’ve been brought up in a house where a cold is not valued as an ‘illness’ and more of a ‘minor setback’, so when I woke up this morning and cried to my mum that I didn’t think I could go into college today so told me that I should get on with it. I’m a Maggs and apparently that means that illness doesn’t affect me. So I went off to college … and came home again after three hours because my psychology teacher told me I looked terrible and he didn’t want my germs in his lesson (it was said in a caring way if that makes it better). The rest of the day has been divided between sleeping, drinking tea and making my way through several tissue boxes (ew gross).

Seemed like I was going to have a pretty rubbish day UNTIL I remembered the new Cadbury’s advert which kind of gets me in hysterics every time I see it. I think it has something to do with the man in it looking very much like a guy I used to work in a similar office with. I like to think this is what he does when no one else is around.


Things I’ve Learnt Since 2013

We may only be on the 20th day of this year, but they say you learn something new everyday … don’t worry there aren’t 20 lessons here, just some of the most interesting ones:

Also, I have no photo to relate to this post so I thought I’d just crack this one out again. She’s a beauty isn’t she?!


1) Everyone hates quizes

If you read my post on my goals for this year you’ll know that this is going to be a big fundraising year, and to start us off with a bang, made an awesome dingbats quiz competiton, set out to get people to take part … andddd discovered that apparently, everyone I know really hates quizes. If I didn’t want their money it would be quite funny to watch people’s faces as they try to think of a polite way to say “no I really don’t want to do that, it sounds really dull”

2) Good grades require revision

Wait what? I may have been somewhat distracted over the Christmas period doing things that were much more fun than sitting at a desk writing lots of words, but that kind of means my mother received my grades. Which leads us to the next lesson …


Gone are the days of inconspicuously throwing your brown envelope in the bin on your way home. Nowadays, the first suggestion that your mum’s about to find out about that D is that raised eyebrow as she tells you “I got an email from college today …”

4) Don’t bother with planning

Another of our new year’s goals was to be more organised with this blog, so I headed to Katie’s after my last lesson on Friday so we could get some serious planning done. 3 hours later we’d gossiped, laughed, watched vines of Zac Efron … and done absolutely no planning

5) If you’re going to dabble in selfies – go all out

Whilst avoiding planning on that Friday we also amused ourselves by counting the amount of selfies on a friend of ours’ instagram page. 101. Seriously. 101!

(Speaking of instagram – Katie + Hannah)


The Elephant in the Room

Well sort of. It’s pretty obvious we’ve been pretty crap at posting over the past few weeks. With Christmas and boys (*ahem that’s a whole other story*) and mock exams we’ve been having a pretty busy time. But all of those things (minus one, bet you can guess which one) are over, so we plan to be back to our regular posting schedule … we know you’ve probably been pretty distraught without us.

Anyway, that elephant. There’s actually a real elephant included in this story, though it’s not huge or even grey. It’s this one:


(took me ages to balance him on there)

This was Katie’s Christmas present to me. It was meant to be part of a secret Santa but she only managed to keep it quiet for a couple of minutes, and then bought the actual present while I was with her but still, he’s probably my favourite present from this year. He’s also a pretty useful conversation filler as I discovered at a New Years Eve party just after this person informed me of the history of Birmingham’s borough system. Yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds. But if you can think of any names for this little one, they’d be much appreciated. Any ideas?

New Year, New Goals

2013 has been a pretty eventful year complete with college drop-outs, starting blogs, weddings, babies, engagements, new friends, old friends, and pretty awesome adventures. I mean come on, we built a fort (look out for that post soon)!

I’m pretty excited for this new year and all the possibilities it already holds, but it’s also kinda scary. This will be the year my friends all go off to Uni and I’ll be left to become fully independent and to move on from how life was in high school. This is the year I’ll gain the responsibility of two more girls to my youth group. And most importantly, this is the year when our Halloween tradition will become really sad, as an 18 and a 19 year old sit and watch High School Musical.

Kutch (1)

So here’s my personal goals for this year:

Fund raise My Ass Off

Yes, that is the term I’ll be using when people ask me what I hope to do this year although maybe not to my grandma. There’s a course in London on leadership in the Church that I want to do once I’ve finished college, problem being that it’s really expensive. I mean really expensive. So I have a feeling that practically everyone I know will immediately attempt to hide their purse every time they see by the end of the year …

Make it to the end of Year 12

I mean, this is my second time around and it’d be kind of embarrassing to have to do it three times. I’m not sure I can cope with the shame of being 19 and still in the same year as I was at 17. This is probably the most important one, but it’s also the one that will involve the most work, and that doesn’t sound very fun at the moment.

Read the Bible at least twice a week

Because it’s a good book that never gets old

Be more organised with this blog

Actually plan things instead of just fluking it on the day, because that’s how I start to ramble about rubbish that no one cares about

Be more organised with youth planning

Being in charge of a youth group really does require more planning than I’m good at. There’s always things I think I should mention or take them too then realise three months later I’ve completely missed it again. But not this year!

Be more organised in life

See above and apply it to literally every situation in day-to-day life. I feel lists are the way forward.

Do more of the 101 challenge!

Seriously, we’ve done so many that we haven’t got round to blogging about yet! Come on girls!


Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 6, Episode 5

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIIIII



Louise and Spencer go on a conversation date with Louise’s MASSIVE coat. He tells her he’s broken up with whatever-his-girlfriends-name-is. Want a big surprise? He cheated on her. He’s not bothered, but Lou-Lou is and does a classic dramatic huff and stalks out.

Spencer is having a men’s dinner with a nice selection of people he doesn’t like, in some weird sort of dungeon. Stevie texts Tiffany a really awkwardly cringy text asking when ‘they’re next going to make music together’.

Lucy and Louise are friends now?! They have a whole conversation that’s actually friendly. WHAT?

Thankfully, e4 gives us a brilliant argument in the form of Jamie and Spencer about the whole Phoebe-Lucy situation. I’m not sure who wins or whose side everyone else is on. Instead they agree to not fuck each other’s ex’s, but I bet you as much money as I possibly have that that promise will be broken. Spencer then tells Andy that he thinks that Louise still has feelings for him, and has done for the entirety of Andy and Louise’s relationship. Cue extremely long, extremely intense awkward silence. Annndddd break for some adverts.

Jamie confronts Phoebe about her secret boyfriend, and she tries to deny it by simply not saying anything, then making out that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Lucy and Louise meet up with Spencer’s ex girlfriend to tell her he cheated on her. Spencer then turns up and tells her that he doesn’t get what’s different about sleeping with someone else while in a relationship or sleeping with someone after breaking up with them.

Tiffany and Stevie are on a cocktail making date. She suggests a baby making date next.

This week’s end of season party is at some sort of posh garden center. Some random guy called Sam tells Spencer that Andy has texted Louise telling her he still loves her. NO ANDY! Stevie on the other hand gets turned down by Tiffany despite the fact that he’s the most adorable person ever. Back to Andy, turns out he was drunk when he texted that, but when he tells her that Spencer thinks she still has feelings for him, she doesn’t deny it. Ooh dramatic.

So what have we learned this week? 1) It’s okay to go and practice boxing in the middle of a pavement; 2) No one in Chelsea is physically able to stay faithful; 3) Spencer’s a dick, but we kind of knew that already


Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 6, Episode 4

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIIIII


Sorry if you were a bit lost without this last week, but I refuse to watch MIC when on holiday so man up and watch it for yourself lazy.

Firstly, EVERYONE HAS DOGS. Secondly, it’s Binky’s dog’s birthday and they’re throwing him a party in the form of a obstacle course. That’s right. A birthday party for a dog. Including presents. Ahh posh people.

Stevie and Tiff are on a date that involves aprons, though we later find out is all about making pizza, which I feel really doesn’t need an apron, unless you’re below the age of 5. Andy think he’ll friendzone her, and, let’s be honest, he probably will.

The boys have decided to go camping, so, feeling that the girls couldn’t possibly survive in Chelsea all on their own, Rosie organises a spa trip with people who hate each other because she ‘thinks it will be good for them’ and according to Louise ‘it can’t get worse’. I bet it can Louise. I bet it can.

Spencer doesn’t fancy the camping trip, but instead rants about Jamie to Proudlock, about him ‘stealing’ his ex girlfriend, while conveniently forgetting about that time that he stole Jamie’s ACTUAL girlfriend, Louise. Nice one Spencer.

Speaking of ex-stealing, Phoebe confronts Fran about all the Alex drama and calls it the ‘ultimate betrayal’ even though Fran is apologising to her. But what can make this conversation even more angry? Lucy. Oh and there she is, leaving Phoebe to flounce off with the amazingly childish burn ‘Jamie says hi. He just text me.’

Phoebe forces Louise to go gatecrash the boys camping trip and Andy’s pissed. And who would blame him really? Having your ex girlfriend turn up on your boys-only camping trip must be pretty rubbish. Jamie however, it’s pretty damn excited, gets kinda drunk and tells Phoebe he wants to put all his eggs in her basket (yes he actually said that), even the eggs that were in Lucy’s basket.

Lucy finds out and cries. Again, another consequence of dating Spencer Matthews.

This week’s end of episode party is Andy’s gig – he’s adorable. Jamie decides he’s going to decide on Phoebe as his current girl obsession, who unfortunately has gone off on holiday with a different guy. Andy continues to put on a very strange accent as he sings and Louise is having wayyyy too much fun despite the fact that he purposefully didn’t invite her.

Spencer shouts at Jamie for sleeping with Lucy and that strange MIC phenomenon happens again. You know the one when you’re having an argument with someone, apologise to them and say you’ll do exactly what they want and it just makes them more angry. And in a spectacular ending, Spencer throws a drink at him, which only hits his shoulder. Embarrassing.

What have we learnt this week?
1) You must always throw your dog a birthday party
2) Camping ‘in the wilderness’ involves ready built, brick firepits
3) If someone is playing really depressing music, just sway really heavily


Life Lately

The Half Term Edition:

Wait What Homework?!

You may have missed us last week (or if you didn’t please just pretend) because we were living it up on half-term which means, I at least, spent all my time avoiding doing half-term homework, sitting around doing nothing and watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the whole week, up to the point of Sunday evening when I realised I’d done pretty much none of the 16 pieces of work I’d been set. This led to a secret meltdown out of sight of my parents (who are still under the impression that I’m happily on top of my workload), and an emergency study session this morning during breakfast. I managed to make it to school with the three pieces of work that were set for today (shoddily) completed. How many of those do you think were checked? That’s right. None.

Torquay … T-adventures

There’s nothing better than a bit of awkward alliteration, admit it. Ah and the second one wasn’t even on purpose! I digress. Our family’s annual ‘holiday’ happened last week. I’ve noticed something about holidays as my brothers have left home and my parents have grown older, an that’s that they’re getting shorter and more dull. When we were younger, holidays involved going away for a week or more in caravan, going to beaches and on trains and eating a lot of ice-cream. This holiday consisted of three days in a Travelodge, a National Trust visit, country walks (avoiding the muddy paths of course) to beaches with no sand and a big fat no to any suggestions of trains or cliff trams or ice-cream. I’m sorry if I sound ungrateful, but frankly, none of those things are fun to me. So as a cure for this, I’m forcing Katie to come on holiday with me this summer, whether she likes it or not.


Awkward Parties

Me, my brothers and sister-in-law, traveled down to London on Saturday for a friend of our’s 40th birthday. Of course, we got there and knew nobody, so our friend’s wife introduced us to his nephew. Unfortunately, the music was so loud that my brothers and I were too far away to hear him, leaving him to chat to my sister-in-law who, also unfortunately, doesn’t actually know the birthday boy at all. Their awkward conversation about why she was actually there was then interrupted by an older, rather eccentric looking man, who immediately dropped an extremely inappropriate sex joke, then left again. Nephew guy then also left and avoided us for the rest of the night.

A New Claim To Fame

The most exciting part of that night is obviously the fact that the Captain of the Cutty Sark was there, and gave me a kiss on the cheek which I will now always refer to as my claim to fame, displacing that time that Jessica Ennis smiled at me across a room. Before you get excited though, the Captain was about 80 and told me I’d have to be 60 years older for him to whisk me away on his boat … which is kinda a good thing I guess …


Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 6, Episode 2

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


So, Spencer’s on to girlfriend number 102743. This one’s American and calls him ‘honey’ so annoyingly much. They arrive back in Chelsea just as Binky happens to be walking past. Isn’t it strange that their timing was so incredibly accurate and the one person who would happen to walk past would be someone who won’t like the new girlfriend. Tis’ amazing. They have a nice enough conversation but as she walks away Binky does the bitchy eyes which means there’s going to be some shouting at some point.

Louise is still being incredibly annoying and trying to get back with Andy, so they go for a chat on a convenient bench. She does her sad face and Andy tells her he’s annoyed at Spencer’s constant involvement in their relationship. Louise takes that as a chance to try to win him back and decides that an appropriate way to show him how much she loves him is to go out for dinner. How romantic.

Alex and Fran rebel against Phoebe’s dictatorship over their relationship, but in an exciting plot twist that no one could possibly have guessed, a practically topless Phoebe walks past and sees them. She’s pretty pissed and rants to Jamie about how Fran is so selfish. FRAN’S SELFISH!? NO PHOEBE, YOU’RE SELFISH! Ugh.

Spencer’s in another therapy session, and this time it’s because he wants to squeeze Louise’s face. Well that’s what I took away from it anyway.

Louise and Andy are on their relationship fixing date where Louise tells Andy she ‘doesn’t need to change’ and she’s ‘a perfectly good person’. She does however, think that Andy needs to change. Humm, I’m not sure where you’ve got all that from Lou-Lou.

Of course, Spencer and his girlfriend (what’s her name??) just so happen to go to dinner at the same place that Andy and Louise are having a post-breakup chat/argument. I guess that if you’re having a chat with your ex girlfriend about how her ex boyfriend was too involved in your relationship, the last thing you want is said ex boyfriend turning up and showing he’s still involved now. Sorry Andy, but the makers of Made in Chelsea are kinda mean. Andy basically tells Spencer he has no respect for him, but being the gentleman he is, adds ‘in the politest way possible’ on the end. Spencer is much more of an idiot and forces poor Andy to leave. Ughh, I hate Spencer.

*And at this point my internet broke and wouldn’t let me watch the second half. But according to a different blog …*

Spencer takes Louise on a date with him and his girlfriend; the end-of-episode party is at a polo match; Andy’s got with someone else; Louise is pissed at that, and, I assume, she probably cries.

So what have we learnt this week? 1) No conversations should take place standing up. 2) A dinner will fix any relationship problem, and 3) 4od is pretty shoddy at the moment.