Like A Girl

Today I watched this video and was blown away by it’s truthfulness. I’m guessing that at some point in their life, every girl has been told she does something ‘like a girl’ – and it’s meant as an insult. Growing up with two older brothers meant I heard those words quite a lot. If I failed to catch something it was ‘you’re such a girl’; if my throwing didn’t reach the target it was because I ‘threw it like a girl’. And you know what, I do throw badly, and I struggle to catch things – but I don’t think it’s because I lack a Y chromosome. I think it’s because I never practised, I never tried to catch things because I was told that being a girl made me incapable of doing it right. It’s strange how a few words can have such an affect on us right? So here are some more to push back against them: watch the video – it’s good.



Sometimes …

If someone asked me right this second, “are you happy with your life right now?” I don’t think I’d be able to answer. If they asked me this evening, I’d probably say “yes”, and if they asked me tomorrow afternoon, I’d probably say “maybe not”.

I think the real reason for that indecision is covered in this quote from The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.


I came across it while reading the book (obviously) and I just sat there for a bit, thinking that is so true! 

There are many aspects of my life that I’m not happy with at the moment. I’m disappointed in myself for having to have professional help for my anxiety issues; I hate the fact I’ll be re-starting sixth form in September a year below my friends, and the fact that I’ve grown apart from them in the past year especially as so many friendships and relationships of people I know seem to be breaking down and ending.

But despite all of these downsides, I can’t describe myself as being sad, or unhappy, because of the people around me.

A few weeks ago, my church welcomed two American interns that have come to spend the summer with us and they’ve definitely proved this quote right. I’ve never had so much fun watching a tennis game, looking round Birmingham markets or painting a lion. All ordinary things that have now become treasured memories, just because I did them with the right people.

Who are the special people in your life who makes the ordinary become the extraordinary?