Realistic Summer Plans

Annddd we’re back. Phew that was a long time! But guess what, it’s over, exams are done and we’re free. Sort of. Thoughts are now turning towards summer and I’m getting excited and making all sorts of plans that I probably won’t actually do. We all do it – dream of adventures  that never actually happen; it might be money issues, timing, distance, who knows. We know it all too well with our 101 bucket list, it takes a lot of work to actually getting round to doing them! So in the interest of realism, I’ve made a list of 5 realistic plans everyone can make for this summer.

5) Dinner with friends – inside or out


Something I’ve started recently is having dinner with a group of friends every single week. Every Friday evening we get together at someone’s house, eat together and then just sit and talk for hours. Sometimes there’s games, sometimes there’s just company but every time it’s lush. Spend time with your friends and make a big thing out of it. Light some candles, decorate the table, make something adventurous.

 4) Go for a walk – somewhere surrounded by green


I would usually describe myself as a city girl but as soon as I’m back in green I realise I’m not at all. There’s something breathtakingly beautiful about countryside to me – the hills, the fields and the grass – it creates a sense of freedom. Go for a walk up a hill and just sit there and admire the view. No music or phones allowed. Just you, your thoughts and nature.

3) Stargaze

1It probably won’t be as spectacular as this and hand-holding is not essential but it’s not something we usually make time for and it’s a waste. I was doing my silver DofE a few years ago and a couple of us snuck out one night and lay on the grass covered in blankets looking at the stars. We were caught pretty quickly, given a good telling off and were sent back to bed, but it was still beautiful. If you’re in a city and stars are hard to come by there’s still so much to see, even if you’re just people watching.

2) Visit a local landmark


The chances are there’s somewhere near you that’s quite the tourist attraction, but you’ve never been. Go! There’s a reason it’s a tourist attraction so go and get your fill. For me, Stonehenge is on my list.

1) Cycle

3It’s a proven fact that exercise makes people happier. Find somewhere beautiful, take a bike or hire one, use a map, get lost, ask directions. If you see a little trail and wonder where it goes, follow it – you might discover something amazing.


For more ideas for realistic summer plans, take a look at our board on Pinterest

Once A Year, Go Someplace You’ve Never Been Before

It’s Monday, raining, pretty chilly, and my chemistry revision is staring at me across the room. But I have tea and dreams of days of the future when I have the freedom to live out this quote, because my world has so much more to offer than I can ever find:


norwaygreece spain Hungary holland


30 Days of Thankful

#5 – Bows Came Back


One of my favourite memories of childhood is of Christmas at my aunt’s house where my cousin (who I completely idolized and still do – she’s awesome) took me upstairs and gave us matching hair-dos. High ponytails with a big velvet black bows on top. On  a 6 year old that looks absolutely adorable but as I got older I realised that my favourite hairstyle was becoming less acceptable.

UNTIL, bows made a come-back. Fashion and beauty blogs started doing posts on the best hairstyles to use them in, and Pinterest became covered in them. It was awesome. So this week, I’m thankful for being able to bring the bows back out and for my beautiful cousin.

thirty days


Nail Fail

So you get to go home early because a lesson is cancelled. What do you do? Catch up with some homework? Use the extra time to study? Nope, you do your nails. Well I’m not exactly endorsing it but that’s what I did…
I’d seen a nail design on Pinterest where you drop nail varnish into a bowl and then swirl it to make a tie dye effect. Well, let’s say things on Pinterest always look easier than they turn out to be in real life.
1. Okay so first I painted on my white base coat and put sellotape around all of my nails so I didn’t get the nail varnish all over them

2. I then dropped the nail varnish into a bowl of water (the clingfilm is just so I didn’t stain the bowl). This was my first obstacle: the nail varnish started to either sink to the bottom or just spread out and not mix with the other colours.IMG_1181

3. Even so, I persevered and place my nail on top of the swirly mess I’d created so far.
This was the best nail:


You can see by middle finger that the rest were not so successful and I took it all off straight away and went for this more simplistic design instead:


The moral of this story: Don’t underestimate the difficulty of things put on Pintrest. I’ve tested it and failed.


Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else

After writing the title of this, I used it as an excuse to put One Direction on shuffle. So that was the soundtrack to this entire post.

So Halloween is coming up and people have started having fancy dress parties. Hannah & I were invited to one yesterday (hence the reason this is being posted on Saturday) and we had to think up some costumes. Firstly, we tried to think of double acts we could dress up as. The best female couple we could think of was Mel & Sue of The Great British Bake Off. Not one of our most inspired ideas. Also, I’d have been Sue, so there was no way we were doing that. Instead, Hannah had already got a Peter Pan outfit her brother had already used and I vowed to make my own. After hours searching through Pintrest (not that I’m complaining) I couldn’t find anything either good or easy to make.  Then, an idea hit me. Or, to be precise, a Sims disk that’d been on a shelf by the computer.  So here’s the process of making the t-shirt for my costume:




And here is the end result, I also hope you understand my title now:



And as any good party should have (especially those on Made In Chelsea) there was quite a fair bit of scandal. Oh and overly drunk people. They kind of go hand in hand though.  So to summarise:

  • They were ex couples kissing
  • People that were never couples kissing – including two girls  who had drunk just a little too much ending up kissing each other.
  • One girl getting green paint all over arms. There was also a boy dressed up as the Incredible Hulk. I’ll leave it to your imagination how the green transferred from one to the other.
  • And lots of underage drinking.

So quite an eventful party. There was more, I just can’t think of any of it.
And to finish, another inspiring quote from One Direction:

You know, I know, you know I’ll remember you, and I know, you know, I know you’ll remember me, and you know, I know, you know I’ll remember you, and I know, you know, I hope you’ll remember how we danced. Something most of the people at that party probably won’t be doing a lot of – remembering.


“You Call It Lazy, I Call It Selective Participation”

I’ll be honest here, I’m procrastinating. Like a lot. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m desperately trying not to work. Problem is, I’m home alone so  I don’t even need to pretend to work. The other problem is that I actually really do need to do some work. Katie and I went into the city center yesterday so nothing got done then, and somehow, the list of things I need to do has lengthened over the weekend. And yet, here I am, writing a blog post instead of doing something productive. IT’S JUST SO DULL!

It makes me sad that I’m so lazy.

My friends can back me up on that. They’ve been blackmailed many a time when I want them to get me something that I don’t want to get up for myself. I’m the sort of person who will text someone in the next room because they don’t want to shout and just lie on the floor for hours. And you know what? It kind of annoys me, and yet, I’m still to lazy to do anything about it. It just goes round in circles. But I’m going to try to break that silly little circle.

Ooh dramatic I know. It’ll be just like a film.

Who bets I’ll just spend the next three hours on Pinterest?


Have less. Do more. Be more.

*WARNING: This could get deep*

So I was browsing Pinterest today. Who doesn’t? It’s like Tumblr but with less anorexia. Anyway I came across this little image. To be honest, I looked at it because it was a pretty picture. I love the sea as much as the next person, especially if it’s looking hot and colourful.

It’s pretty simple isn’t it? Have less. Do more. Be more. But unfortunately for me I’m a bit of a thinker. And I’ve thought about it and realised that not only is it true, but it’s also kinda hard.

Have less. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty well off. I’ve never had a situation where I can’t have something because of a lack of money (just a mother who probably knows best). I live in a big house in a nice area, and went to a nice school with nice facilities. I also have a lot of stuff, mainly stuff that I have absolutely no need for. But I probably live less than a mile away from someone who has none of those things. And here I am sitting with an excess of things that I don’t even use. Surely, if I went through all my things and sorted out the excess from the necessities, I could not only have a lot more space in my house, but have helped someone who really does ‘have less’. Now the person who wrote this quote may have just meant, ‘live a simpler life’ but to me, having less would mean to give others more.

Do more. I have no excuses for this one. I deferred my first year in sixth form back in December (for medical reasons, I’m not pregnant thank you) and since then I’ve done …. well nothing much. Started a blog? So I have the ability to do basically anything I want for the next 3 months before I go back to college. And I should really do something about that. Okay, so I live in a pretty dull area, but 20 minutes on the train and I’m in the center of the second biggest city in England.  So no excuses, and look out for the exciting plans for those 3 months post soon … ish.

Be more. So combined with having less and doing more, my life would be a lot more exciting and happy and generally of more use to me than sitting around looking at Pinterest ….



Speckled Egg Nails


I found inspiration for this while spending many hours procrastinating my life away on Pinterest. I like it because it’s very simple and easy to do but it makes your nails a little more exciting than just a plain colour. Also, it looks a bit like Mini Eggs and who doesn’t like those?!

As I said, they’re very basic:

  1. Apply your base coat and let it dry
  2. Find a tissue or piece of plastic and scrunch it up
  3. Paint a little of the second colour onto a particularly scrunched bit and dab it on top of your base coat


The colours that I have used here don’t particularly show the effect in the best way, but I wanted to try the colours out. I find it works best using a pale bottom coat and a darker top. Using gold varnish as the top coat is my favourite because it creates the appearance of gold flakes.