This Made My Day

I know it’s not a posting day today, but I have to share this amazing post by a blog called From One Degree To Another. Give it a read.


I’m Back! … With a Chest Infection …

I’m back!  It has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks including camping,  a wedding and a chest infection.

Let’s start with the camping shall we? It was a little festival called Soul Survivor that I took my youth group too. There were some pretty interesting moments with some massive arguments, some slightly smaller arguments and a few more arguments. It was totes dramatic. Oh, and that chest infection. That was fun.

(side note: please excuse the quality of the these photos – I wasn’t going to take my big fancy camera to a field)


If you don’t know, it’s a sort of Christian festival/conference with big morning and evening meetings and seminars in the in between bits, with cafés, clubs and skate parks interspersed through-out the day. If you are a Christian (and live in England), I really really couldn’t recommend it enough.


Here’s some mints – always a necessity for the main meetings


It did get pretty windy one day and the people camping next to us had a little problem with their marquee. As in, all the pegs flew out and it lifted off the ground. Instead of helping, we took photos and laughed because that’s what a good Christian does.

I feel like you want me to tell the chest infection story right?

Well, during the day it was pretty hot. I was wearing shorts. In the evening it was not hot. I was still wearing shorts. Then it started raining. And I stayed out all night, in the freezing cold, in the pouring rain and soaking wet clothes. And shorts. Why, I hear you ask? ……. In my defense, he was really good looking.