A DIY Wedding Gift

In case you’re new to this blog, or just haven’t really been paying attention, my brother (Tim) got married at the start of August. Considering the celebration of my brother convincing a woman (Esther) to marry him, and the gaining of a new sister-in-law, my other brother (Luke) and I decided we should probably get them a wedding/welcome to the family gift (which also turned into a birthday AND housewarming present. We’re not too great with gifts). Being the loving and supporting brother he is, Luke decided to dump the whole thing on me with the words “You’re a girl, you know what you’re doing with gifts and things.’

Here’s what I came up with. I say came up with, I just stole it off Pinterest. But it’s a very good idea, especially if it’s for a couple that don’t particularly like lovey-dovey stuff, but still want to remember their wedding date – even if it is just so they’ll remember their anniversary!


It’s pretty simple to do. The photo-frame is bought from Ikea, The backing pictures can be pretty much anything that’s not going to be too distracting. I chose textured photographs to give a little interest but not distract from the main subject. The letters are cut from cream card, using a Cricut machine, but can be done just the same by hand.


In the original post on Pinterest, they’d added the couple’s last name to the top, but I thought that would make it a little too wedding-y for them, but may help it make sense to people not in the know!



The Wedding Photographs

What better way to spend a Friday than look at someone else’s wedding photos? – Me

Here’s the anticipated wedding photos as promised.


Bridesmaiding duties started early, with an 8am wake-up call to go and fetch the dress. This was quite a feat considering we’d only got to bed at gone 1 the previous night. I also got to have a quick trip to Co-op to get us some breakfast croissants, while feeling very out-of-place having just had my hair done. We then took them home and burnt them. Good start.

026080I’ll be honest, we were pretty unorganised.  The wedding was at 3 and at half 2, the bride was just starting to get dressed and the bridesmaids were printing off a game for after the meal. But we managed it and were only 10 minutes late.


Here’s us all dressed and pretending like we’ve had a very relaxed and laid-back morning.


This illusion was quickly shattered as we got outside and realised we’d almost left without her veil.
312Obviously I couldn’t take any pictures during the wedding, so here’s one of them as a brand new Mr and Mrs.
You have no idea how long it took me to make that bunting. Though probably less time than it took for everyone to make those cakes.

390I also made all of these paper wheels to go behind the cake table. I may be slightly bias but I do think it looks amazing.

445This was what we were printing off in the morning instead of getting ready. Wedding guest bingo was a pretty good game. Everyone supplied an interesting fact before the wedding and then had to work out who’s fact was who’s. And there were some pretty interesting facts. I had a good laugh at the woman who met her husband as she chased a naked patient down a corridor, only to discover that this woman was actually my Grandma. I was horrified.
(If you’re wondering, my fact was that during his teenage years the groom had a picture of me dressed as a nurse in his bedroom. The groom is my brother by the way, and I was about 5 and adorable.)
501Instead of dancing in the evening, there were loads of games. There was some serious Jenga’ing going on.
Ever seen a wedding where the bride is playing football in her dress? I think she even still in her heels at this point …

585 602
So there’s a small part of the photos from the wedding. It was literally one of the best days I’ve had, and I’m so so happy to finally have a sister! Also, Katie still hasn’t been to a wedding. Sorry if this was hard for you to read 😉


The Wedding Video – Favourite Quotes

So I went to see my grandad today. If I’m cake-girl, he is most definitely video-guy. Sometimes its as if he has a video camera permanently attached to his hand. He films everything, from weddings to birthdays to sitting in the living-room with my grandma discussing the disadvantages of window cleaners. That one’s a good un’.

And he likes to watch them back too.  I remember visiting my grandparents on a Christian holiday camp they went on, where my Dad preached, my grandad filmed the whole thing, and as soon as we got back to the caravan, I was forced to watch the entire thing back.

So of course, when we dropped in on him on the way home from work, out came the partially edited wedding video. I managed to get away with only watching about half an hour of it, but I still came away with, not one, but four DVD copies of the still unfinished first half.

We’ve been watching it as tonight’s entertainment. My Grandad isn’t the master of filming. Everything seems to be slightly leaning to the right and focus isn’t his forté, but the best parts are the things he can be overheard saying, Here’s a few examples:

  • “Here’s the groom, ready for his big day”
    The first shot of the groom, before his wedding. Unfortunately, the camera was actually on my other brother, who, let’s be honest, has a very vague resemblance to our eldest sibling.
  • I think this interview is about soap”
    Is said as the registrar is asking the bride the legal questions before we headed down the aisle. There’s no explanation given on this, just an extreme close-up on her face.
  • “Did you pay her enough money to come here today?”
    This was said to my Dad as Esther completed her registrar interview. Unfortunately, the registrar was standing right behind them, and my Dad then had to explain how that was very inappropriate seen as the registrar was currently checking that this wasn’t an arranged marriage.

There’s just a few. I’m sure they’ll be more to come soon, as well as some photos. Until then, just enjoy this one. Can you even tell which one’s me?



An Explanation Cocktail

Why a cocktail? Because it’s a lot of stuff all mixed together. It probably won’t leave you feeling tipsy though so don’t get too excited.

You may have noticed, we’ve been absent quite a bit the past few weeks. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been absent quite a bit the past few weeks. And we thought we owe you an explanation. Basically, we’ve been pretty busy. Katie’s been busy going to college everyday, and I have left my happy, easy unemployed life behind in return for minimum wage.


‘But what do you do?’ I hear you ask …

Oh, listen to my ever exciting job title? I’m the ‘Head Clerk of the Travis Perkin’s Pensions Department’. Ohh, yeah, it’s a laugh a minute.

Basically, my day starts at 6; drive for an hour; have an awkward conversion with the receptionist that seems to know everything about me; sit in an office that gains heat by the second; go for lunch in the car park; back into the boiling office until 7; drive home; think about doing a blog post; go to sleep instead.

So apologies for that.

Anyway, I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was pretty … dramatic … and stressful. The bride did eventually turn up and they did get married, sort of. So many secrets …

But here are a few photos anyway:









And of course, the day after, we watched Murray win Wimbledon! Arghhh! We screamed. A lot.


Wooohhhhhh!!!! MURRAYYYYYYY!


A Recipe for Romance

The one thing about summer that I love more than the (occasional) sun is that summer is wedding season. I have been to several weddings in my time, and I love everything about them. Poor Katie, has never been to a wedding in her life, so I do like to bully her about that. I had great fun last year, teasing her that I had three weddings to go to this summer:

1) My brother’s wedding, in which I will finally get the sister I’ve always wanted (and a lovely girl she is too)
2) My cousin’s wedding … which has now been called off *ahem* FAMILY DRAMA!!
3) And thirdly, my good friend Hélène’s wedding to a lovely lad called Dan

And in a couple of week’s time, we’ll be off to celebrate Hélène’s last days as a single lady at a little hen do. Sadly, after she gets married, she’ll be moving up to Scotland, as Dan is in the RAF and is based in some remote Scottish town (it’s probably not that remote, but she does make it sound like she’ll be living in some sort of moor, miles away from civilization!). So as she’ll be having very little help in the first stages of her marriage, some of the other hens (is that what you call the other people at a hen do?) thought of the brilliant idea of putting together a recipe book of all of our favourite foods. Because there’s no better way of making new friends than with food.


I know it’s probably been done many, many times before, but if you’re looking for a cheap wedding present for somebody, this is the perfect thing, and I really hope that when I get married, someone does it for me!