Welsh ‘Adventures’ – Part 2

Welsh ‘Adventures’ – Part 1

It’s the second post on the so amazingly exciting adventure that was my holiday to Wales … errmm, kind of. But I think I should be a little more positive about it today, (maybe I’m in a slightly better mood now …) and tell you some of my highlights … and lowlights (I’m not that positive):


  • My mum and I found a department store that was having a closing down sale and I managed to get a designer bag for £20! There will probably be a post on that sometime in the near future, because I’m a little bit in love with it.
  • A barman in a pub trying to impress me by throwing glasses in the air and catching them. I won’t lie, I was a little.
  • Having an ice-cream while shivering, just because my mother was horrified at the idea. Literally, she stopped walking and stared at my dad when he suggested it
  • Losing my Cluedo virginity
  • Running along a deserted beach barefoot, because it’s just not the same with shoes on

And the Lowlights:

  • Rain
  • Cold
  • No heating
  • Being attacked by horses
  • Doing nothing except coastal walks
  • Visiting a castle for a day, then getting there and discovering it’s actually just a wall
  • Paying £2 to take photos in a cathedral but it being so dark only one actually works
  • Having to live in a small caravan with my parents for an entire week
  • Cagoules. Does anyone else have an irrational irritation with cagoules? Is that weird?

Wow, I need to cheer up …

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a massive tangent again. Here are some more pretty pictures:


Showing our excitement at the disappointing castle



He actually can’t help but pull a stupid face every time the camera faces him




Does anyone else’s mum still do the lick-the-finger-wipe-dirt-off-your-face thing? Mine does.





This isn’t a particularly exciting photo, but the tour guide told us that photography wasn’t allowed sooo … challenge accepted.



It was at this point that my computer decided to delete quite a few of my photos – but don’t worry, it was only the best ones I took all week. Grrr.


Part 3 is coming on Wednesday and maybe possibly a part 4 if I can get my very clever brother on the phone and manage to get my deleted photos back. Doesn’t look likely though.




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