Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else

After writing the title of this, I used it as an excuse to put One Direction on shuffle. So that was the soundtrack to this entire post.

So Halloween is coming up and people have started having fancy dress parties. Hannah & I were invited to one yesterday (hence the reason this is being posted on Saturday) and we had to think up some costumes. Firstly, we tried to think of double acts we could dress up as. The best female couple we could think of was Mel & Sue of The Great British Bake Off. Not one of our most inspired ideas. Also, I’d have been Sue, so there was no way we were doing that. Instead, Hannah had already got a Peter Pan outfit her brother had already used and I vowed to make my own. After hours searching through Pintrest (not that I’m complaining) I couldn’t find anything either good or easy to make.  Then, an idea hit me. Or, to be precise, a Sims disk that’d been on a shelf by the computer.  So here’s the process of making the t-shirt for my costume:




And here is the end result, I also hope you understand my title now:



And as any good party should have (especially those on Made In Chelsea) there was quite a fair bit of scandal. Oh and overly drunk people. They kind of go hand in hand though.  So to summarise:

  • They were ex couples kissing
  • People that were never couples kissing – including two girls  who had drunk just a little too much ending up kissing each other.
  • One girl getting green paint all over arms. There was also a boy dressed up as the Incredible Hulk. I’ll leave it to your imagination how the green transferred from one to the other.
  • And lots of underage drinking.

So quite an eventful party. There was more, I just can’t think of any of it.
And to finish, another inspiring quote from One Direction:

You know, I know, you know I’ll remember you, and I know, you know, I know you’ll remember me, and you know, I know, you know I’ll remember you, and I know, you know, I hope you’ll remember how we danced. Something most of the people at that party probably won’t be doing a lot of – remembering.



Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 6, Episode 2

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


So, Spencer’s on to girlfriend number 102743. This one’s American and calls him ‘honey’ so annoyingly much. They arrive back in Chelsea just as Binky happens to be walking past. Isn’t it strange that their timing was so incredibly accurate and the one person who would happen to walk past would be someone who won’t like the new girlfriend. Tis’ amazing. They have a nice enough conversation but as she walks away Binky does the bitchy eyes which means there’s going to be some shouting at some point.

Louise is still being incredibly annoying and trying to get back with Andy, so they go for a chat on a convenient bench. She does her sad face and Andy tells her he’s annoyed at Spencer’s constant involvement in their relationship. Louise takes that as a chance to try to win him back and decides that an appropriate way to show him how much she loves him is to go out for dinner. How romantic.

Alex and Fran rebel against Phoebe’s dictatorship over their relationship, but in an exciting plot twist that no one could possibly have guessed, a practically topless Phoebe walks past and sees them. She’s pretty pissed and rants to Jamie about how Fran is so selfish. FRAN’S SELFISH!? NO PHOEBE, YOU’RE SELFISH! Ugh.

Spencer’s in another therapy session, and this time it’s because he wants to squeeze Louise’s face. Well that’s what I took away from it anyway.

Louise and Andy are on their relationship fixing date where Louise tells Andy she ‘doesn’t need to change’ and she’s ‘a perfectly good person’. She does however, think that Andy needs to change. Humm, I’m not sure where you’ve got all that from Lou-Lou.

Of course, Spencer and his girlfriend (what’s her name??) just so happen to go to dinner at the same place that Andy and Louise are having a post-breakup chat/argument. I guess that if you’re having a chat with your ex girlfriend about how her ex boyfriend was too involved in your relationship, the last thing you want is said ex boyfriend turning up and showing he’s still involved now. Sorry Andy, but the makers of Made in Chelsea are kinda mean. Andy basically tells Spencer he has no respect for him, but being the gentleman he is, adds ‘in the politest way possible’ on the end. Spencer is much more of an idiot and forces poor Andy to leave. Ughh, I hate Spencer.

*And at this point my internet broke and wouldn’t let me watch the second half. But according to a different blog …*

Spencer takes Louise on a date with him and his girlfriend; the end-of-episode party is at a polo match; Andy’s got with someone else; Louise is pissed at that, and, I assume, she probably cries.

So what have we learnt this week? 1) No conversations should take place standing up. 2) A dinner will fix any relationship problem, and 3) 4od is pretty shoddy at the moment.


A DIY Wedding Gift

In case you’re new to this blog, or just haven’t really been paying attention, my brother (Tim) got married at the start of August. Considering the celebration of my brother convincing a woman (Esther) to marry him, and the gaining of a new sister-in-law, my other brother (Luke) and I decided we should probably get them a wedding/welcome to the family gift (which also turned into a birthday AND housewarming present. We’re not too great with gifts). Being the loving and supporting brother he is, Luke decided to dump the whole thing on me with the words “You’re a girl, you know what you’re doing with gifts and things.’

Here’s what I came up with. I say came up with, I just stole it off Pinterest. But it’s a very good idea, especially if it’s for a couple that don’t particularly like lovey-dovey stuff, but still want to remember their wedding date – even if it is just so they’ll remember their anniversary!


It’s pretty simple to do. The photo-frame is bought from Ikea, The backing pictures can be pretty much anything that’s not going to be too distracting. I chose textured photographs to give a little interest but not distract from the main subject. The letters are cut from cream card, using a Cricut machine, but can be done just the same by hand.


In the original post on Pinterest, they’d added the couple’s last name to the top, but I thought that would make it a little too wedding-y for them, but may help it make sense to people not in the know!



I hate to disappoint, but being 18 is not a whole lot different that being 17. So, in the spirit of being an adult, I decided to look up just what I can legally do now that I’m 18 and make a list.

  1. Buy alcohol
  2. Vote
  3. Join the Army
  4. Get married without parental permission
  5. Buy scissors
  6. Stand for election
  7. Get a mortgage
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Buy solvents
  10. Make a will
  11. Go to prison
  12. Buy fireworks
  13. Get a loan
  14. Buy 18 certificate films
  15. Drive lorries with a trailer attached
  16. Buy and sell scrap metal
  17. Pawn stuff in a pawn shop
  18. Play bingo

It’s really quite an inspiring list isn’t it…

So now you know you can now do all that exciting stuff, onto my actual birthday.

I did have an absolutely wonderful birthday this year. We have a tradition in our group that on my birthday we have a group photo. But being as OCD as I am, I make sure we are all in the same order. Now unfortunately, or maybe fortunately (if you’d have seen my hair you’d know why), I can’t find the one from 2010:







Now in the last picture you may see Liza isn’t there, we are still friends, she just couldn’t make it. Oh and extra people are there. 10 points for observation if you noticed that one too.

I’d also like to mention Hannah’s post last week and how lovely it was. As predicted, I did cry. As did my mum.

Also that the presents she got me made me cry as well (in a happy tears kind of way). But I would like to point out my lack of One Direction balloons. My hint was obviously too subtle…



Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 6, Episode 1

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIII

It seems e4 have given up on pretending that any of this is real life. They’ve swapped the innocent little ‘some scenes may have been edited for your entertainment’ facade to a full-blown-whatever ‘scenes created for entertainment’.  Well done e4. The first step to recovery is acceptance.

What’s the best way to start the new series? Put Spencer in therapy of course. We’re always wondering why he cheats on everyone he so much as touches, so it’s nice that he has the same concern.


But you can’t have too much soul-searching in the first few minutes, so let’s throw in our first group party! Literally, it took them two minutes to get Lucy in a bikini.

Remember the end of last series? Lucy and Spencer were all loved up and he promised never to cheat on her. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. He stayed faithful! … I kid, he cheated on her. At least four times apparently, which I would say is some sort of record for him, except that it’s probably not.

A new series also means that some members of the cast have re-evaluated their lives and realised their job is to sit in a cafe and talk about relationships, and quit, leaving space for some new cast members! They seem to be great lovers of the words ‘man’ and ‘sweet’. I was keeping count, but actually lost count.

Jamie seems to be the only one still enjoying this elongated, slightly cold looking party and shows this to Spencer by announcing “We’ve been swimminngggg, we’ve been drinkingggg, we’ve been talking to your exxxx”. Pretty much MIC summed up. Spencer tells Jamie that Louise has been texting him (which in Chelsea is code for practically getting engaged)

What’s the latest gossip? Louise has been texting spencer but more importantly HE’S STEALING JAMIE’S GLASSES NIBBLE! What is the world coming to?

Hold up. Speaking of what is the world coming to … what is up with Phoebe’s cornrows? New boy Freddie and Lucy also meet for a reaaaally long handshake as he awkwardly asks her out and she says flat-out no. How do you get yourself out of a situation like that? Go in for the handshake again of course …

Binky’s rocking Mark Francis boat annddddd …. BOOM first glimpse of Stevie. Mmmmmm.

On the other side of the pool, Andy and Louise have trouble in paradise. She keeps going on nights out and disappearing for 24 hours with no word to her poor boyfriend. This sounds suspicious. Turns out Louise has been showing off her lady parts to a number of men who happen not to be said boyfriend. Unfortunately, it’s Lucy who enlightens Andy to this which I assume is going to be the main part of an argument somewhere later on.

Who are we missing here? Francis! It’s almost halfway through the show and still no incredibly awkward Francis moment. But e4 are not ones to disappoint so they’ve gifted us with him asking Rosie out while naked in a pool. She says no.

Wayheeyyy! Andy shouts at Louise as he confronts her about her shoddy faithfulness. She continues to deny it and blab on an on until he tells her to shut up and the whole world cheers. You go Andy! Oh, and she cries. Surprised? This leads to a number of break-up shots complete with emotional music and Louise getting teary.

Back to another integral part of MIC: more clues on Proudlock’s job. This time we’re in his pop up shop?! How does that relate to the other clues we’ve had? I’m so confused.

Spencer drops by to ‘make Louise feel better’ and she complains Lucy’s rude to her as if she is nothing but polite, then claims she hasn’t cheated on Andy. Spencer of course says he’s on her side which means that he wants to be in her pants.

Phoebe is also being a bit of an idiot as she tells Fran that she can’t date her ex Alex, because … wait why Phoebe? She seems to think she has some sort of ownership over him. GO AWAY PHOEBE.

And finally, we may have discovered Spencer’s super power. He’s made Lucy cry too, as he tells her off for telling Andy about Louise’s antics. Maybe it’s just an after effect of dating him?

What have we learned this week? If you shout ‘wooh’ a lot, it makes a party fun. Don’t ask people out naked, and never date Spencer.


WARNING: This Could Get Emotional …

I’m not really an emotional person, and talking about ‘feelings’ and smooshie stuff (yes, that is a word) is not something that comes naturally, but today will be a special day where I let the inner girl in me take over. Why? Because last Friday was one of my best friend’s and co-writer of this blog’s 18th birthday. That’s right, she’s now officially an adult which is both scary and quite frankly, hilarious.


Which leads us to the emotional stuff. Katie is a lover of all things emotional, and I’ve already managed to make her cry with one of my presents which I think is an achievement (they were happy tears by the way … I think), so I’m going to attempt to do it again.

First things first, she’s a pretty amazing person. I don’t think I know anyone else who is so genuinely caring about everything. I remember a group of our friends going round to her house one day after school and then finding her crying in her kitchen because one of them was having a bit of a strop and she thought it was all her fault.


I don’t think I appreciated this quality in her as much as I did last year, when I had to drop out of college because of a virus. The majority of friends stayed in contact for a little while, but after a few months, just stopped calling or texting, while Katie was constantly checking up on me, including me in things and even coming all the way round to my house when I cried to her on the phone. So Katie, for that, I really want to say thank you. Not only for being such a caring, loving friend when I really needed one, but for not giving up on me like everyone else.


I really feel blessed to have Katie in my life. She’s so different to all of my other school friends, who always seem to be talking about who’s going to get drunk at the weekend, and who’s sleeping with who. She holds high morals, doesn’t get molded into how people expect her to be, and is the only person I can have a conversation about Postman Pat with. She never fails to make me smile every single day, and I can guarantee that in 50 years time, we’ll still meet up and laugh about the time that James fell off his chair when she threw a glue stick at him.


So Katie, happy birthday, and in 50 years, we better still be doing our Halloween tradition …

(P.S. And Katie, assuming you’ll show this to your mum, hey Mummy Bullock! I love you just as equally and thank you for bringing up such and such an amazing daughter)


May I Have A Banana?

Oh. Em. Gee. Made in Chelsea is on its way back. Who else is so insanely excited? Katie and I definitely are, maybe a little too much. I think our whole conversation at lunch today was about it. In case you haven’t seen the advert, here it is in all it’s amazing singing glory:

… Like how do they make them better every single time? A few things about that advert though:

  • First things first. Proudlock. What is with his hair. Is he wearing ponytails now? And that suit? Really?
  • Jamie is in a short sleeved t-shirt. Andy is in a coat. Which one is lying about the weather?
  • Lucy can make ANYTHING awkward. Even if she’s just in a bar, singing an amusing song.
  • Can anyone remember the name of the girl Francis sings to?
  • Spencer likes bananas
  • And if you didn’t bother to watch the video, here’s a little something to sum it up in one photo.


Come back every Wednesday for our much loved Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time! And if you want to catch up on last season’s drama, check out our previous Catch Ups here.


Life Recently

1. Stupidity 

Some of you may have noticed the lack of a post last Wednesday. The reason for that is because I’m an idiot. I completely forgot which email address I use to sign into WordPress and spent 10 minutes trying to log in before getting too frustrated and giving up. At no point in these ten minutes did it occur to me to try and log in with my other email address …

2. Late for EVERYTHING.

I’m late for college every single day. I told my friend it must be a form of talent, because I can leave my house 10 minutes early and still arrive 10 minutes late. She told me that I need to leave 20 minutes early. I’m actually an idiot. I was also 10 minutes late for my psychology lesson this morning and earned that classic teacher phrase “nice that you could join us”.

3. Birthdays

Did anyone notice Katie’s subtle hint in her Friday post last week? It involves on of theseOne Direction Balloon

I asked her about it today and she swears it wasn’t, but she then went on to say I can get her one if I want with a look of longing in her eyes.

4. New youth groups

Our church is currently teaming up with another for youth-ness and there are a few interesting people. My favourite is a young girl who describes a near-death experience as “when you accidentally fall off a cliff, but your friend catches you”, which I guess is kind of right.


3 Months of Birthdays

So does anyone else find that from pretty much the beginning of September until Christmas you’re inundated with buying birthday presents, going to birthday parties and writing happy birthday on the Facebook walls of  people you barely talk to? It seems to be that time of year again. If you are lucky enough to have made friends with people who have birthdays spread throughout the year then you won’t know what this is like. It just so happens that my group of friends from school nearly all have birthdays in either October or November. I think its time for a major present shopping trip.

However, on the plus side – my birthday is next Friday!  So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post on that night but it will probably be Saturday instead. It may be my 18th but I’m kind of hoping for a One Direction balloon…

One Direction Balloon

And just a little something to remember from a film Hannah and I watched a couple of weeks ago:

A princess never chases a chicken.