Made In Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 6, Episode 2

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


So, Spencer’s on to girlfriend number 102743. This one’s American and calls him ‘honey’ so annoyingly much. They arrive back in Chelsea just as Binky happens to be walking past. Isn’t it strange that their timing was so incredibly accurate and the one person who would happen to walk past would be someone who won’t like the new girlfriend. Tis’ amazing. They have a nice enough conversation but as she walks away Binky does the bitchy eyes which means there’s going to be some shouting at some point.

Louise is still being incredibly annoying and trying to get back with Andy, so they go for a chat on a convenient bench. She does her sad face and Andy tells her he’s annoyed at Spencer’s constant involvement in their relationship. Louise takes that as a chance to try to win him back and decides that an appropriate way to show him how much she loves him is to go out for dinner. How romantic.

Alex and Fran rebel against Phoebe’s dictatorship over their relationship, but in an exciting plot twist that no one could possibly have guessed, a practically topless Phoebe walks past and sees them. She’s pretty pissed and rants to Jamie about how Fran is so selfish. FRAN’S SELFISH!? NO PHOEBE, YOU’RE SELFISH! Ugh.

Spencer’s in another therapy session, and this time it’s because he wants to squeeze Louise’s face. Well that’s what I took away from it anyway.

Louise and Andy are on their relationship fixing date where Louise tells Andy she ‘doesn’t need to change’ and she’s ‘a perfectly good person’. She does however, think that Andy needs to change. Humm, I’m not sure where you’ve got all that from Lou-Lou.

Of course, Spencer and his girlfriend (what’s her name??) just so happen to go to dinner at the same place that Andy and Louise are having a post-breakup chat/argument. I guess that if you’re having a chat with your ex girlfriend about how her ex boyfriend was too involved in your relationship, the last thing you want is said ex boyfriend turning up and showing he’s still involved now. Sorry Andy, but the makers of Made in Chelsea are kinda mean. Andy basically tells Spencer he has no respect for him, but being the gentleman he is, adds ‘in the politest way possible’ on the end. Spencer is much more of an idiot and forces poor Andy to leave. Ughh, I hate Spencer.

*And at this point my internet broke and wouldn’t let me watch the second half. But according to a different blog …*

Spencer takes Louise on a date with him and his girlfriend; the end-of-episode party is at a polo match; Andy’s got with someone else; Louise is pissed at that, and, I assume, she probably cries.

So what have we learnt this week? 1) No conversations should take place standing up. 2) A dinner will fix any relationship problem, and 3) 4od is pretty shoddy at the moment.



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