An Explanation Cocktail

Why a cocktail? Because it’s a lot of stuff all mixed together. It probably won’t leave you feeling tipsy though so don’t get too excited.

You may have noticed, we’ve been absent quite a bit the past few weeks. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been absent quite a bit the past few weeks. And we thought we owe you an explanation. Basically, we’ve been pretty busy. Katie’s been busy going to college everyday, and I have left my happy, easy unemployed life behind in return for minimum wage.


‘But what do you do?’ I hear you ask …

Oh, listen to my ever exciting job title? I’m the ‘Head Clerk of the Travis Perkin’s Pensions Department’. Ohh, yeah, it’s a laugh a minute.

Basically, my day starts at 6; drive for an hour; have an awkward conversion with the receptionist that seems to know everything about me; sit in an office that gains heat by the second; go for lunch in the car park; back into the boiling office until 7; drive home; think about doing a blog post; go to sleep instead.

So apologies for that.

Anyway, I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was pretty … dramatic … and stressful. The bride did eventually turn up and they did get married, sort of. So many secrets …

But here are a few photos anyway:









And of course, the day after, we watched Murray win Wimbledon! Arghhh! We screamed. A lot.


Wooohhhhhh!!!! MURRAYYYYYYY!



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